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The Brief

South Pennine Academies is a charitable multi-academy trust established in 2012. Based in West Yorkshire, they currently work with eleven primary and secondary converter and sponsored academies located in Calderdale, Kirklees and Oldham. The Trust also operates Huddersfield Horizon SCITT, rated an Outstanding ITT provider by Ofsted.

The team at South Pennine Academies are committed to delivering school improvement through the development of effective partnerships with our academies, the communities they serve and external organisations.


South Pennine Academies enlisted the services of RFM Group as the main contractor to execute comprehensive refurbishment works for the existing school toilets at Willowpark and Woodlands Primary Academy. The objective was to enhance the facilities, ensuring a more modern and functional environment for students and staff.

Scope of Work at Willowpark

The project at Willowpark involved a significant transformation, focusing on the reconfiguration of the existing male and female toilets. The central challenge was addressed by removing a shared load-bearing wall, creating a spacious area capable of accommodating four self-contained unisex toilets. This re-modelling aimed to optimize space utilization and enhance the overall user experience.

Scope of Work at Woodlands

Woodlands Primary Academy witnessed a thorough overhaul of its facilities, with RFM Group undertaking the complete strip-out and refit of four separate toilet blocks. The refurbishment covered all aspects of the toilet facilities, including new flooring, cubicles, vanities, sanitaryware, hygienic wall cladding, electrics, ventilation, and decoration. The comprehensive nature of the refurbishment aimed at providing a cohesive and upgraded environment across all toilet blocks.





Project Value


Project Timescale

2 weeks

Our Approach

Challenges and Solutions:

The removal of a load-bearing wall at Willowpark posed a structural challenge that required careful planning and execution to ensure the safety and stability of the building. RFM Group worked closely with structural engineers to implement a solution that maintained structural integrity while achieving the desired open layout.

At both Willowpark and Woodlands, the time constraint of completing the refurbishment within the two-week Easter break was a critical challenge. To minimize disruptions to term time, the project team meticulously planned and coordinated the works, ensuring efficient scheduling and timely completion.


Timely Completion

Despite the challenges, both projects were completed on time within the allocated two-week Easter break. This achievement highlighted the efficiency and professionalism of RFM Group in managing complex refurbishment projects with strict timelines.

Benefits and Impact

The refurbishment works at Willowpark and Woodlands Primary Academy resulted in several benefits for the school communities. The upgraded facilities provided a more modern and hygienic environment for students and staff. The transformation of shared spaces at Willowpark and the comprehensive overhaul at Woodlands contributed to a positive and welcoming atmosphere within the schools.


The successful completion of the Willowpark and Woodlands Primary Academy toilet refurbishment projects showcased RFM Group’s capability to navigate challenges, adhere to tight timelines, and deliver high-quality outcomes. The collaborative efforts between the contractor, South Pennine Academies, and other stakeholders ensured the seamless execution of the projects, ultimately enhancing the school facilities for the benefit of the educational community.

I had a visit at Willowpark and Woodlands yesterday and had a look at their new toilet refurbishment whilst I was there.

You have done a brilliant job!  Both schools are really happy with the work and the toilets look fantastic.

Please thank your guys for their hard work over the Easter break.

Julie Nash Payroll Manager and Head of Procurement, South Pennines Academies

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