A recent FM Buyer Behaviour Survey of Facilities Managers reported that 40% of customers were dissatisfied with their current Facilities providers and looking for new ones. However, 70% were put off approaching new suppliers because of the lack of information about the sales process.

It’s a fact that businesses across the UK are paying out for their Facilities services and not seeing a positive return on their regular (and often significant) investment. By switching Facilities providers, you give your business the chance to re-evaluate what matters when it comes to looking after your assets.

So, why do so many businesses stay with the same supplier year after year? We know how it is, any time you switch service providers; whether that’s a cleaning contract or even your energy supplier at home, it can feel like you don’t have time to source a new supplier, so it’s easier to ‘renew’ your current deal. But what if, by taking only 3 simple steps, you could save your business both time AND money.

Here’s our top ‘6 Reasons to Switch Facilities Providers’

1. Save Time

Consolidate single service suppliers into one integrated contract and we guarantee you’ll see the financial benefits right from the start.

2. Increase Productivity

One single point of contact, one invoice and one service programme to save you time and resource to put into what you do best.

3. Boost Business

Re-evaluate what matters most to your business to develop smart ways of working – ultimately boosting the bottom line for your business.

4. Future-Proof

Be open to new opportunities, technologies and smarter ways of working…building solid blocks for the future.

5. Smart Reporting

Switch to an FM provider with integrated smart help desk technology to create reports which help evaluate business needs and identify areas for improvement.

6. Save Time

Time is key when it comes to your working day.  Switching to a proactive FM supplier consolidates tasks and gains back that valued time.

We speak to businesses every day who feel they ‘don’t want the hassle’ of switching suppliers or are unsure about the terms of their current contract. That’s why we’ve created a Step by Step Guide to Switching Facilities Providers. See our 3 simple steps to switching your supplier and how easy it can be to make s significant positive impact on your business…

Download your copy here