The way we work is changing and our work spaces need to keep up. With a recent study reporting that 51% of employees felt disengaged, it’s time to re-evaluate how to turn the traditional office into a great place to work.
Executing clever office design and introducing well thought-out initiatives for employee health and engagement create a work place employees want to spend their time in.


We’ve found 8 ways which will help boost productivity in workers as well as attract new talent for your business.


  1. Space

It doesn’t matter what work space you have to work with, it’s what you do with it that counts. Think differently about the layout of your office to give employees more choice of space to work from with a mixture of environments to cater for different tasks. Having alternative spaces which takes you away from the desk can literally shift focus and boost productivity. Moveable walls and desks can create flexible work spaces and change a meeting room into a social hub. Turn your office into much more than a place to come and work to engage employees on more than one level.

  1. Light

Often overlooked, lighting can be a simple way to help employees stay focused, feel inspired and prevent depression. Offices with lots of windows and good access to natural light can embrace should paint walls with natural colour to reflect light around the room. If there aren’t many windows, then choose lighting with careful consideration to create a warm and inspiring feel. LED lighting and light sensitive switches help create the right ambiance as well as save on energy consumption. Individual desk areas can be transformed with small spot lights and desk lamps.

  1. Colour

Choosing the right colours for your office have been proven to affect workforce productivity. The psychology of how colours change the way we work and feel means it’s critical to know what best suites your working environment. Create calm and serene spaces with blues and greens. Boost moods with oranges and yellows. You can read more in our article How Does Colour Impact on Workplace Productivity?

  1. Temperature

Our climate changes dramatically over the year, so finding a way to maintain a comfortable temperature in the office can be a challenge. Investing in cooling and heating units to regulate the temperature and keep employees comfortable will less likely affect their productivity in extreme conditions. Looking ahead at the forecast can also help action simple steps like opening windows or advising staff to wear extra layers.

  1. Noise

The size and design of an office can mean noise levels vary greatly. Whatever the level of noise can bring a challenge for employers to ensure staff are able to work effectively. Finding a balance which creates a relaxed atmosphere can put employees at ease and help concentration. Research into how music affects the work place has shown clear employee benefits including accuracy, a rise in productivity and making staff feel more at ease. Portable speakers which allow employees to connect and add their own music can boost cooperation between team members and improve decision making.

  1. Clutter

It may be said that clutter helps the creative mind but it isn’t helpful for focus or productivity. Ensuring staff are accountable for the tidiness of their own space and ensuring things are put away, filed and organised means less distractions. Providing smart solutions and creating areas away from work spaces for storage reduces clutter around and gives a better impression of an organised company ready for business.

  1. Nature

Bring a little of the outdoors inside. It has been found that offices with a ‘biophilic’ design increases productivity by 15%. Studies also show that plants boost cognition and improve overall health. By introducing a natural element of design with greenery across office and communal areas, it becomes more aesthetically pleasing and pleasant to be around, as well as boosting staff morale and the ability to be more productive.

  1. Health

Taking the health of your staff seriously by investing in ways to create a healthy working environment, increases happiness and efficiency across the business. Any gesture, no matter how big or small, can have a positive effect. From installing an on-site gymnasium for staff to use or supplying well-balanced and nutritious snacks, employers must take into account how their workforce’s health will impact the business. Companies that help to educate staff on making informed choices for themselves, and that gives them the freedom to include exercise as part of their day will ultimately reap the benefits.