Future-proofing your work space

At RFM Group, our innovative Facilities team are ahead of the curve when it comes to future-proofing. Our integrated solutions make it happen without you lifting a finger. We use state-of-the-art technology like CAFM Explorer to monitor and manage your building’s everyday performance. The results are a revelation. Integrating services help improve consistency and quality, and generates data to help predict maintenance, energy savings and significantly reduce overall running costs.

By embracing technology of the future in your work place, you enhance employee performance. Just imagine: one point of contact, one invoice, one schedule of work. We spot opportunities to consolidate tasks, saving valuable resource and money.

We are helping clients form SMART buildings that focus on their ability to save money and time as well as supporting talent and creating connections for a truly immersive new work space. We’ve partnered up with some of the leading workplace technical suppliers to bring you a new era of FM services:

  • CAFM Explorer
  • Condeco
  • Field Motion
  • Movolytics

Being future-proof means being Smart.

In this article we examine some of the smart actions you can easily implement within your own work environment to ensure longevity for your organisation in an ever-changing FM landscape.


You have to ask important questions to find yourself the answer. What do your employees really want? Keep the experience of your workforce happy as well as bringing through and educating the next generation. Listening is crucial and concordant with the success of any modern-day business and is the easiest way to engage with employees. Allow growth and adaptation within the business, rather than adopting a stubborn mentality, which leaves companies out of the race.


Smart Planning is key to development and growth. Embrace and plan for new work place trends and work towards your aspirations together to allow a more proactive strategy and a greater chance of achieving your goals. Not only planning for today, but for next month, next year and even the next 20 years, the planning stage is built to be reactive, easily adaptable to new scenarios and will future proof your business. Global giants are already one step ahead of the game. Facebook plan to move its employees into a single room, Yahoo have a cafeteria which revokes mobile privileges, and Samsung have created large open public spaces in its new building to foster communication, creativity and innovation. One question you may ask yourself is ‘Can you use your already existing space more efficiently and effectively?’


Imagine arriving at a building for a meeting where the electronic security system automatically recognises you, scanning your iris or fingerprint and allowing you through barriers. You take the lift, which already knows what floor you need, and when you emerge your phone shows you the most direct route to your meeting room. As you arrive, the temperature and lighting adjusts to take into account the fact that there will be two people in the room and the telecom system automatically dials you into your conference call.

Or walk in meetings where you are automatically logged as being at the meeting the moment you arrive. The definition of a work space has evolved in line with advancing technology and the changing dynamics of the workforce. With mobile technology playing a major role in the way we work; the reality is offices with moving spaces and unassigned desks. Collaborative work done on-the-go will ensure that offices will evolve in the way they are designed. Smart thinking involves thinking about all aspects of your office. For example, Modular designs or movable walls in the office to allow spaces to be multi-functional adding fluidity and dynamism.


Health forms a challenge in future-proofing your work place. The message is clear though: Sitting too much is bad for your health.

Many organisations are investing in standing desks as an option for employees. The benefits of stand-up desks are scientifically proven to be more effective than sitting down for eight hours a day. This leads to increased movement around the office, leading to improved interaction with colleagues, alongside increased blood circulation increasing energy and motivation, thus increasing work productivity. There’s a vast range of standing, sit-stand and height adjustable desks across the market to suit any business budget, so now is the time to put assessments in place!

Get in touch today with our dedicated Facilities Management team, to see how we can help your property service needs.

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