So, you’ve spent time and money on a new office refurbishment and everything is looking in top condition, but offices take a lot of ware and tear with constant traffic flow every day of the week.


Do you have a maintenance plan in place to keep your brand-new office looking it’s best condition for as long as possible?


Regular Touch-Ups

Due to frequent use, office walls can easily become scratched and scuffed. Applying a fresh coat of paint quickly brightens up the look at a minimal cost. Colour schemes are important so make sure you choose wisely by selecting a colour which best suits your office environment.


Plumbing Maintenance

An office cannot function with a broken plumbing system and with every change in season, comes different issues to overcome. From frozen and burst pipes in colder conditions to rust or hard water in the summer months, performing regular checks and audits helps give a clear and intelligent insight into the overall condition, and uncover any hidden problems you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. Afterall, regular maintenance is much more cost effective than cleaning up the damage caused by a burst water pipe.


Clean Flooring

Keep your office looking clean and presentable by regularly cleaning carpets, rugs and hard flooring. Avoid dirty and dingy floors as well as the spread of germs by ensuring your cleaning schedule includes daily and deep cleans of all areas of the office, including hard to reach spots. Many offices include specialised rugs at the entrance which are designed to capture dirt from staff’s shoes before they even enter the office, thus reducing the spread of germs.


Maintain Grounds

The outside of your building is the first thing visitors and staff see and keeping the grounds and exterior in top condition should be a high priority. Ensure that trees and plants are trimmed, grass well maintained and the garden free of weeds to make a good impression. Seek advice and plant things which will enhance your building and look welcoming to visitors.


Wash Windows

Natural light in an office has been found to increase productivity and boost employee mood, so ensuring windows don’t become grubby will make a big difference. Windows are easy to maintain if you schedule regular cleaning, plus clean and sparkling windows will ensure the entire building looks in top condition.


Repair Equipment

From computers and printers, to chairs and desks, office equipment is used regularly, so it’s inevitable that things will break now and then. A regular programme of maintenance or having someone on-hand to do repairs means your work force can continue to function with little disruption to productivity. Keep up staff morale by ensuring each team member has access to equipment suitable for them to perform their job.