Did we just see summer trying to poke its head from underneath the pillow? Time to make sure your business is ready for the new season – with it’s hopes of warmer temperatures and bright long days, is your commercial building looking its best?

Just as in the run up to winter it’s important to think about how the weather may affect your business. We’ve put together this simple checklist to help ensure your business runs smoothly throughout the summer months.

1. Check for winter damage

This winter was particularly cold here in the UK, so gutters, pipes, windows and any concrete surfaces should all be given a health check to identify any damages. This way they can be fixed way in advance of the next winter season. Plus, gaps in windows can cause issues for summer ventilation – especially if you run an air conditioning system in your building.

Your roof will need plenty of attention so check for any snow, ice and rain damage as a leak can cause big problems if not dealt with as soon as possible. If you have any outside taps these can easily get damaged in frosty weather and ensure they are fitted with a return valve to keep out any leaking water.

2. Give the place a ‘spring clean’

From landscaping to window cleaning. Now is the time to really get your building looking at its best. Foliage and grassed areas can bear the brunt of winter so get your landscaper to pay special attention to breathing some life back into your building’s grounds (it’s worth checking any hosepipes are in working order now too). Bright flowers and plants can make a great positive impact on customers and staff alike.

Give off the best impression to customers and schedule a full window clean (inside and out) to maximise the look of the building and let in more natural light. Deep clean the carpets to rid your building of all the dirt undoubtedly brought in over the last few months and get up high into any dusty corners you’ll be able to see those cobwebs much better in the sunshine.

3. Keep everyone cool and calm

Even though most us crave the warm summer weather, many of us find higher temperatures difficult to work in and often harder to concentrate. In buildings with air- conditioning its vital to ensure you keep to your maintenance plan and that everything is in full working order.

Simple things like blinds in windows can help create a much more temperate climate and keep out sun glare and turning off unused lights, computers and other electrical equipment helps drastically reduce heat output.

Lastly, keeping staff happy on hot days is key, so investing in extra fans and even the odd ice-lolly run at dinner time can all help boost morale and productivity.

4. Make sure it’s business as usual

It’s a given that most people take the biggest proportion of annual leave during the school summer holidays, so make sure you’re business is prepared and oversees the amount of staff off at any one time and ensure that holidays are covered. This way your business can run at full capacity with minimal disruption. A break from work is essential to a happy workforce so encourage staff to use their leave so they’re rested and revitalised which all helps to keep staff positivity levels at a high.