As we head into winter, making sure your office security is sound can be vital to achieving cost savings and ensuring you have a safe, reliable working environment for your employees to walk into. Future-proofing your office now before the long winter kicks in is essential. With evenings getting darker, weather colder and global warming making more of an influential role in day-to-day business, having your winter office security in place is of paramount importance.


Physical Security

Protecting the physical security in your office during winter is essential to you maintaining a safe place to work for both you and your employees. Your physical security includes important data, confidential information, networks, safety equipment, facilities, company assets and personnel.

Protecting your Physical Security

There are many ways that you can protect the physical security aspects of your business this winter. Here, we list just a few factors that you should consider and give you some top tips in how to get the most out of your systems during the winter.

  • CCTV
  • Security Lighting
  • Your office layout


As the clocks daylight get shorter, there is a greater chance that intruders and thieves may be able to enter your business premises undetected.

Although CCTV imagery aren’t sufficient enough in preventing crimes, they are a significant deterrent factor. As in the past, CCTV has been the only criminal prevention solution, modern advances in technology means that CCTV is seen as just one aspect of the overall security systems for a modern future-proofing business. As thieves can disguise their faces, it is important to know exactly where to place the cameras and check that lighting is sufficient. Security lighting on your CCTV cameras is absolutely pivotal during the winter months, and make sure you change your times on your camera! Your evidence may be useless if you don’t have the correct time for evidence in court.

All-weather cameras make sure your premises are prepared by ensuring your security systems aren’t frozen solid in the sub zeros. Ensure CCTV cameras are housed properly and that there is no risk of them becoming loose or cables being disconnected. Make sure you keep cameras clear from snow to avoid lack of evidence!

Security Lighting

Security lighting on the external aspect of your building is essential to deterring thieves away from your property. Effective lighting can help you with your CCTV imagery to see more. Bright lighting makes burglars feel observed, vulnerable, as well as allowing occupiers to seeing anyone who is approaching the building and highlighting risk-areas. The type of lighting you install depends on how high the risks are, the type of surveillance already existing and the location of your premises. Ensure that security lighting is well planned and maintained this winter.

Your office layout

Site layout is incredibly important to protect the assets it contains. People and hardware can fall victim to weather and crime if not prepared this winter. Creating a lower-visibility and low-profile design at your office can reduce the risk of criminal activity. Whilst your office is open and lights are on, it is vulnerable to thieves who are aware of when you leave your buildings. Have you considered using key card systems to lock doors and track who accesses each space? As 2019 will advance in drone imagery, it is important to think smart. All your windows should have blinds, or all equipment regardless of what floor it’s on, should face away from an outside view. Make sure you are equipped for the long winter ahead.

How RFM Group are different

At RFM, we understand the safety and security of your people and property comes before everything else. When it comes to protecting your business, you need a security partner you can rely on. Our service is different because we select, check, train and employ our security people directly. That means you get fully qualified and licensed security professionals looking after you.

Our Security services include reception, manned guard, mobile response, front of house, CCTV and access control. From night patrols, to the people who run your reception, we use effective CAFM technology to monitor and organise shifts and routines. You benefit from peace of mind.

Stephen Lee, Operations Manager at RFM Group, commented on the importance of businesses being prepared for winter; “Our state-of-the-art CAFM system means that RFM Group are future-proofing the security side of businesses today. From night patrols, to the people who run your receptions, we use effective CAFM technology to monitor and organise shifts and routines, delivering better-than-ever performance and efficiency. We select, train, check and employ our security people directly which means that our clients can benefit from peace of mind knowing our mix of efficient technology works in harmony with the best people in the business.”

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