2019; Year of the Green Office?

As 2018 draws to a close, we take a key focus on refurbishment and take an insight into the green office design trends which we predict will take force in 2019.


Experience Driven Spaces

Experience Driven Spaces link to Green office design trends and incorporate a host of characteristics, all of which orbit the “human potential” aspects of space optimisation, the goal of which priorities the employee experience and employee well being at work. Employee focused, these spaces are aimed at developing overall wellness, cultivating happiness, community-building, and boosting morale for everyone from apprentices to top-floor executives.

Features include;

  • Massage therapy
  • Meditation areas
  • Yoga studios and walking/jogging trails
  • Rock climbing walls
  • Espresso and cocktail bars
  • Games room and virtual reality gaming spaces
  • Theatre and music stages
Nature in your Office

A very green idea of thinking about office design trends for 2019, literally! Design and evolution, is showing that the ultimate importance of implementing a creative work environment. Why not utilise plants and other green materials to connect your building with the natural world? This ‘macro trend’ for 2019, brings the emergent of plant-based, biophilic design to bring a lively unique and cultural workplace. Incorporating nature-inspired textures, as well as green walls, floor plants and decorative flowers, will move from a trendy fashion statement to a near-necessity for the office in 2019.

Research increasingly shows that connecting your employees through nature has its health and wellness benefits, with business advantages including improved employee health and attendance and job satisfaction.

Do you have a budget or limited space office? Don’t worry! We understand that smaller offers and businesses are restricted or even unable to take part in this future design thinking, due to constraints beyond control including adequate lighting and budgetary limitations.

This is where we bring you Moss Walls! The perfect green wall alternative! Demand for Moss Walls will certainly be in demand in 2019. Moss walls offer low and no -light feasibility, ease of maintenance and cost savings. Especially popular for use in brand signage and event spaces.

Enhance your office’s nature connection in 2019… Go on, go green!

Green branding and going sustainable in 2019

Future-proofing your business in 2019 will mean an bigger push in environmental sustainability efforts and other green initiatives. The next step is to ensure that customers and employees are aware that the business is committed to making a change sustainably. There has been a substantial upturn in the use of green walls, plants and natural materials to highlight company branding.

Have you got your cultural identity sorted for 2019?

Use greenery elements and materials to differentiate your brand with the greater usage of plants, containers and natural aesthetics. Need ideas to go green? Here are ways that you could differentiate going into 2019…

  • Install green walls with your company logo and branding
  • Accent your office space with plants
  • Furnish your office space with sustainably-sourced materials
  • Integrate biophilic elements into your design using wood, stone, clay and other natural materials, implementing these into your interior and exteriors of your offices.
Free-Range Cohabitation Spaces

Be greener with your technology and bring a free-range work space to your future-proofing business. Increase your resource efficiency and offer increased innovation throughout your workforce.  Open office spaces are the thing of the future and can prove a more sustainable outlook for your business.

Closed up office spaces are a thing of the past. Bring the wall down and evolve your business for 2019. Share your space and choose an open plan office design. Allow your employees to engage and interact with you, making them feel more valued and a greater asset to your business.

Share your goals with your team and get 2019 office to a fantastic start. Maximise collaboration, creativity, flexibility and promote innovative ideas. Cohabitation spaces have evolved beyond the tech sector and are now being integrated into businesses of all shapes and sizes. What about free-standing desks, and wipe out the old-fashioned traditional sit-down spaces.

Remember to include the following characteristics into your cohabitational spaces in 2019;

  • Open plan office design
  • Dynamic, multi-use meeting areas
  • Technology resource spaces
  • Unconventional creative spaces
  • Lots of glass
  • Plants and greenery
  • Portable green wall dividers
  • Lightweight, mobile furniture
  • Plenty of desk space/no cubicles
  • Comfortable seating and chairs
  • Coffee & espresso bars
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