Connected FM: Fit-Out to Maintenance, Security, Cleaning & More

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Introduction to Connected FM Have you ever wondered how buildings are managed, from the moment they are built to the day-to-day maintenance, cleaning, and security? That’s where facilities management comes in, a process that involves managing and maintaining buildings to ensure they meet the needs of those who use them. And with the rise of […]

Energy as a Service Free Download

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Keeping a building, working, heated and well lit are essential to everyday operations for all organisations. Energy costs are often one of the largest overheads for an organisation and with energy usage estimated to grow by over 40% by 2050, it is vital that effective action is taken. Most companies today are lacking an effective […]

Smart Thinking – Smart Planning

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In today’s connected, fast-moving business environment, organisations must constantly strive to stay ahead of the competition. Innovation and collaboration  Sparking Innovation – But why is collaboration so important? It is seen as a precious source of competitive advantage.  The goal is to bring employees together and combine skills and disciplines to spark creativity and cross-fertilisation.  […]

Smart Listening leads to Smart Learning

Smart Listening

Listening is the key to learning. And learning is key to high-performance. This is true in all walks of life, from the classroom to the sports field and definitely in the workplace. Expertise is born of learning and thus listening. And learning never stops. Listening leads to new ideas. Ideas fuel progress  The more diverse […]

Smart Workplaces and the Future Office

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Smart workplaces and the future of office working are subjects close to our heart. We are working hard today, whilst keeping an eye on the future to make sure our services and your property deliver the best possible value and sustainable longevity for generations to come. Technology and smart thinking permeate everything we do.  Smart […]

SMART Workspace The Future of Property Free Download

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Workplaces are changing. They are getting smarter. As our everyday lives are infused with technology, the ways we work and the environments we work in are evolving. RFM Group has been at the forefront of this workplace evolution and the opportunities presented by the Smart Workplace are vast. SMART WORKSPACE We speak to businesses and […]