Understanding Defects Liability Periods and Rectification Periods in UK Construction Projects

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Defects after Completion of Building and Fit-Out Projects In the realm of construction projects, it is common for defects and issues to arise after completion. To address such concerns, the concept of Defects Liability Periods (DLP) and Rectification Periods (RP) has been implemented within the UK construction industry. This article aims to provide a comprehensive […]

EPC: How to Improve Your Commercial Property’s Energy Efficiency

If you’re a commercial landlord in the UK, you may already be familiar with the concept of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). But are you aware of the importance of an EPC, not just for compliance, but also for attracting and retaining tenants, reducing energy bills, and ultimately, increasing the value of your property? In this […]

Shell and Core: The Architectural Duo Redefining Building Design

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In the world of architecture, the design of buildings is constantly evolving. One such design trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years is the use of shell and core construction. Outer shell Structure This technique involves building the outer shell or structure of a building, along with the necessary utilities and infrastructure, leaving […]

A Quick Guide to Diminution in Value

Diminution in Value is a legal term that is often used by property managers and legal professionals. Diminution in Value Diminution in value is a term that is often used in the context of real estate and property. It refers to the decrease in the value of a property over time. There are many reasons […]

What Is A Schedule Of Condition?

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant you may have heard the term ‘schedule of condition’ but never dared ask what it means – fear not our property experts will explain! Schedule of Condition A schedule of condition is a document that provides a detailed record of the condition of a property or building […]

Fire Doors – What Are They and Why Do We Need them?

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As a new facilities manager, tenant or property director – you may know that fire doors are important. But, what are fire doors and what do they do? What are fire doors? Fire doors are specialised doors that are designed to prevent the spread of fire. They are typically made of materials such as steel […]

Smart Thinking – Smart Planning

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In today’s connected, fast-moving business environment, organisations must constantly strive to stay ahead of the competition. Innovation and collaboration  Sparking Innovation – But why is collaboration so important? It is seen as a precious source of competitive advantage.  The goal is to bring employees together and combine skills and disciplines to spark creativity and cross-fertilisation.  […]

What is an Environmental Policy and What Should it Include?

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How an Environmental Policy (EP) can reduce a property organisation’s carbon footprint.   Reduce, reuse; recycle policies; incentives i.e. paper, waste segregation, light bulbs, batteries, printer cartridges, packaging etc. There is no doubt that it is the responsibility of every organisation to reduce its impact on the environment and operate in a sustainable manner. What […]

Smart Listening leads to Smart Learning

Smart Listening

Listening is the key to learning. And learning is key to high-performance. This is true in all walks of life, from the classroom to the sports field and definitely in the workplace. Expertise is born of learning and thus listening. And learning never stops. Listening leads to new ideas. Ideas fuel progress  The more diverse […]

Smart Workplaces and the Future Office

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Smart workplaces and the future of office working are subjects close to our heart. We are working hard today, whilst keeping an eye on the future to make sure our services and your property deliver the best possible value and sustainable longevity for generations to come. Technology and smart thinking permeate everything we do.  Smart […]