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RFM Group are property experts that consult, build, manage and maintain all types of property.

The RFM Way

Our consultative approach, built on technology, delivers turnkey property services across the entire lifecycle of buildings throughout the UK.

With headquarters in Leeds and offices in London and Edinburgh, the business operates across the commercial, retail, educational and residential sectors. We specialise in Fit-Out and FF&E, Facilities Management, Building Repair and Mechanical & Electrical.

Clients include LV, Lloyds Banking Group, NHS, Tesco and Emerald Group.

Our recognised industry-leading experts deliver connected property services, backed by next-generation technologies and guaranteed to be done safely and cost-effectively.

As an integrated property services provider our Fit-Out and FF&E, Facilities Management, Building Repair and Mechanical & Electrical divisions ensure clients get connected simplicity or the chance to choose the services they need the most.

Whether we’re designing and building from scratch or fitting out, repairing, cleaning, securing, or managing your property for you, we’ll look after it like it’s our own. We’re more than just a service provider, we’re a consultancy, and we’ve got the expertise, vision and technology to identify your needs and tailor our input perfectly.


The three values that underpin our business and which our reputation is built on.

Committing to always deliver the highest safety, quality and service standards our customers benefit from peace of mind and unrivalled results.

We want our clients to hold us to our SQS promise for every minute of our partnership with them.


We are working hard today, whilst keeping an eye on the future to make sure our services and your property deliver the best possible value and sustainable longevity for generations to come.

Technology and smart thinking permeate everything we do.

The Future Office and Commercial Space

When people arrive at your office, an automated security system automatically recognises them, using geo-location technology combined with biometric scanning such as a fingerprints and facial recognition. They are then allowed past the barriers to enter the building. They are guided through the building with personalised greetings on visual displays or augmented reality.

The lift knows which floor they need and as they arrive at the meeting room they are offered their favourite refreshment. The optimal conditions for a productive meeting have been created through AI adjusted temperature and lighting, and as they take their seats, other attendees enter the room, having experienced a similar tech-enabled journey.

The conference call automatically starts with participants from around the world. 

This is how we think at RFM

Time is Money

Retail Space that Draws Customers in and Fast!

Time is money – this is especially true when building or reconfiguring retail units. From traditional construction to off-site fabrication, prefab and modular development – we advise on the best approach to get your stores open and ready for customers. The efficiencies we deliver mean our customers enjoy greater levels of quality control, minimal disruption through shorter working time onsite and quicker project turnarounds.


We use the latest planning tools and software to ensure accurate and reliable data informs decisions. Video technology captures site data and 3D measurements, clients explore their future spaces through the latest innovations in visualization such as virtual and augmented reality. This really ensures that RFM customers get a better feel for what we are building – and that is only the beginning.

Repair Process

Repairing and Caring for Properties as If They Were Our Own

The UK’s leading insurance providers such as LV and Lloyds Banking Group trust RFM to repair their customers‘ properties when things go wrong. That trust is built through transparent lifecycle systems that allow them to monitor every stage of a building claim and repair.

RFM manage and maintain thousands of residential properties on behalf of large social housing organisations such as Habinteg and Railway Housing. They choose RFM because the quality of service is matched by our outstanding technology platform that allows a full birds-eye view of the portfolio and its management.

Our specialist team of experts and ground-breaking operational management systems allow organisations, surveyors, contractors, tenants and property owners to transparently see the full claims and repair process. From understanding the progress of a claim, the costs and timeline of planned works to post-project evaluation – everything is monitored and optimised, in real-time.

One Step ahead

More Than Just Facilities Management - Facilities Enhancement!

Whether it’s a school, office or retail space, our consultants analyse a building and how people use and move through it. We plan cleaning and define and deliver security through effective monitoring and situation modelling. Our systems predict repairs and schedule maintenance. Our operatives have the right tools and the right attitude.

These are just some of the elements that set apart our total facilities management team. Our technology-enabled and consultancy-led approach means RFM enjoy industry-leading levels of customer satisfaction and our happy customers typically make significant savings whilst receiving the highest standards of care. That’s why they choose RFM – because we are property experts.

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Our experience already covers a wide range of successful private and public sector projects. It means we’re brilliantly placed to build, fit-out, repair or manage virtually any premises, from commercial and retail to educational and residential.


We help clients realise the full potential of their investment in developments, providing a technologically advanced, fully integrated design and construction service, with an aftercare package in facilities management if they need it too.

As a consultancy-led team offering fully-integrated services, we’ve got the expertise and flexibility to build, repair and manage any type of commercial premises.


We deliver stunning new spaces for retailers across the country, then maintain and manage them too. It means less work for your people, more care for your premises, and bigger profits for your business.

In the fast-paced world of retail - it pays to get it right first time, it’s no wonder our clients choose a partner with the vision and technology to keep them one step ahead.


We help insurance companies and homeowners with projects like repairing flood damage or building extensions and loft conversions. One team. All the right skills. Everything taken care of.

We’ve got the property expertise, skills and experience to create exceptional living spaces. We’ve also got the reputation and accreditations for extra peace of mind.


In education, how do you reconcile the growing demand for better buildings with the shrinking resources to fund them? Simple – ask us to do it for you.

We create innovative learning environments that inspire their users and stay looking good. The latest technology and careful project management help minimise disruption too, keeping students safely segregated while our specialist teams get on with the job.


The effective construction and management of healthcare properties is challenging. In times of ever-increasing change and uncertainty, the pressures to improve efficiencies with ever-decreasing budgets are significant.

Healthcare managers trust our technology-enabled, consultancy-led approach and connected services to ensure the safety and comfort of their users and staff.

Our connected service approach means we’re perfectly placed to help private and public businesses across a wide variety of sectors.

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Talk to us about your next project – 0113 202 9000 email Proactive@RFM-Group.com


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