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It’s common practice for organisations to adapt their workspace to their specific demands and specifications. However, if you’re renting or letting the space, your lease agreement may stipulate that the property must be returned to its original state when you leave. In accordance with your leasing agreement, RFM Group is able to provide a dilapidation service to restore your workplace to its previous condition.

Dilapidations Experts

A Schedule of Dilapidations will normally be sent to you by the landlord when the lease on a business property expires. This is a list of tasks that must be finished before the building can be restored to its original state.

We usually advise comparing this timetable to your original lease to make sure you understand what condition you must restore the facility to. The timetable might include:

  • Wall painting
  • repairing holes
  • furniture replacement or removal
  • removing all structural improvements made during the lease


RFM will be able to restore the building to its proper state by adhering to your Schedule of Conditions and Schedule of Dilapidations. while staying within the project’s budget and finishing it within a realistic timeframe.

We’re big on technology too, so we use all the latest modelling, room management and MI technology for keeping your spaces safe, integrated and always running like clockwork.

Streamline your project to reduce stress

Your end-of-tenancy work will be less stressful if you use a qualified fit-out business.

RFM is capable of managing every facet of your project. Giving you the assurance that the job will be finished quickly, at an extraordinary standard, on schedule and within budget Every time, we will evaluate the area and compare it to the Schedule of Dilapidations before beginning your job.

We’ll be able to organise the work, start the space’s design, and provide you with realistic pricing and timeline after we’ve finished the initial evaluation and consultation.

Guide to Dilapidations: Returning properties to their agreed condition and meeting legal obligations

Is the end of your lease due soon? Have you been issued with a dilapidations schedule? – understanding it can be a daunting task. Download our Free Guide to Dilapidations and you can learn how we can help return your property to its agreed condition and meet legal obligations

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