Ilke Homes Harewood Gravity Games

photo of red and white bike tire

The Harewood Gravity Games takes place 13-14 August 2022 and valued partner Ilke Homes are taking part. Ilke Homes took part in the Harewood Gravity Games for the first time last year, and their team had such a fantastic time, raising lots of funds for a great cause. So this year they are going even […]

What is an Environmental Policy and What Should it Include?

windmill on grass field during golden hour

How an Environmental Policy (EP) can reduce a property organisation’s carbon footprint.   Reduce, reuse; recycle policies; incentives i.e. paper, waste segregation, light bulbs, batteries, printer cartridges, packaging etc. There is no doubt that it is the responsibility of every organisation to reduce its impact on the environment and operate in a sustainable manner. What […]