Return to Work: Agile and Hybrid Working

Agile working people seated on table in room

For businesses with an office base, the post-pandemic period is causing a significant conundrum. Do employers insist on their workforce returning to the office and as a result, help justify the significant costs associated with running an office building, or do they continue to let workers work from home and risk a commercial nightmare with […]

From Curves to Hierarchies – Why Office Layout is So Important

Office layout

In a typical year (of which 2020 was definitely not!), the average person spends around 1,800 hours at work.  Spending that much time anywhere means it needs to be conducive to happiness, productivity and enjoyment. When it’s associated with work, it becomes even more critical. Despite this, many of those responsible for configuring the office […]

8 Ways to Make Your Office a Great Place to Work

The way we work is changing and our workspaces need to keep up. With a recent study reporting that 51% of employees felt disengaged, it’s time to re-evaluate how to turn the traditional office into a great place to work. Executing clever office design and introducing well thought-out initiatives for employee health and engagement create […]