Office Refurbish or Office Relocate? How to Decide

In the words of Channel 4’s Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsop – when your office lease is coming up for renewal – will you love it or leave it? Love it or Leave it? Refurbish or Relocate? When it comes to updating or upgrading your office space, businesses have two options: refurbishing their current office […]

Developing A Dilapidations Strategy in 5 Steps

Taking a proactive approach to managing the property that you own, lease or operate in, is the best strategy for a myriad of reasons alongside dilapidations. Dilapidation Strategy A dilapidations strategy is an important consideration for landlords, property managers and tenants alike. This strategy outlines the steps and actions to be taken in order to […]

Popular Office Design Trends

office design trends

The office has changed radically over the past few years, as the way we work has developed. Latest Office Design Trends Office design trends are constantly evolving as companies strive to create spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing for their employees. Some of the most popular trends in office design right now include […]

What Is A Schedule Of Condition?

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant you may have heard the term ‘schedule of condition’ but never dared ask what it means – fear not our property experts will explain! Schedule of Condition A schedule of condition is a document that provides a detailed record of the condition of a property or building […]

The Office Hub Model: The Workplace Re-imagined

sitting people beside table inside office hub

As more and more employees start to re-integrate into the workplace in the most flexible manner we’ve ever seen, there’s one conversation that is still very much in mid-flow – what exactly is the role of an office for today’s hybrid workforce? Whether dedicated offices are actually needed or not isn’t, it appears, up for […]

Turning Boardrooms into Bedrooms: Why Office to Residential Conversion is on the Increase

Sunsets from Home

Following on from our previous insight: Is Turning Office and Retail to Residential Housing the Future of the High Street? We’re delving into the issues surrounding converting office space into residential housing. Repurposing and converting office space aren’t new concepts; city-dwellers are increasingly seeing mixed-use developments incorporating everything from gyms to restaurants, cinemas to shops. […]

Our Top 4 Innovations to Help Your Workplace Concentration

Innovation is ingrained throughout our lives, looking for the most effective ways to gain advantage. Not just as employees but as human beings, we have always strived to make our lives easier and more productive, whether that be through tools and gadgets that help with our everyday tasks, or the latest advanced technology which helps […]

Considerations for Your Office Refurbishment

Consistently analysing your office and its refurbishment is key to maximum productivity within your workforce and boosting staff morale. However, you cannot just jump straight in. You must find the right methodology within your particular business in order to make the refurbishment as substantially beneficial as possible. After all, a carefully planned office refurbishment project […]

The Green Office

Focussing on refurbishment, we look into the green office design trends predicted to sweep workplaces across the UK. Experience-Driven Spaces Experience-Driven Spaces have a connection to green office design trends and include a variety of traits that revolve around the “human potential” goals of space optimisation. These goals prioritise the employee experience and welfare at […]

8 Ways to Make Your Office a Great Place to Work

The way we work is changing and our workspaces need to keep up. With a recent study reporting that 51% of employees felt disengaged, it’s time to re-evaluate how to turn the traditional office into a great place to work. Executing clever office design and introducing well thought-out initiatives for employee health and engagement create […]