Guide to Dilapidations Free Download

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Is the end of your lease due soon? Have you been issued with a dilapidations schedule? – understanding it can be a daunting task. We understand organisations have obligations that must be met with their buildings, be it a school, office, house or commercial space. We’re experts at managing properties. We also know what it […]

Dealing with Fire and Flood Damage

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Fire and flood damage causes millions of pounds worth of damage to residential and commercial properties every year. Dealing with Fire and Flood damage is a job for experts. Sometimes it’s just not possible to save a building but more and more, thanks to the evolution of the materials used in modern construction and goods, […]

Guide to Compliance Free Download

Is your building legal? Keeping your facility compliant with UK law can be a daunting task. We understand organisations have a duty of care for everyone that uses their buildings, be it a school, office, house or commercial space. We’re experts at managing properties. We also know what it takes to achieve statutory compliance across […]

What is PPM? – Planned Property Maintenance

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As a facilities manager or director of a property portfolio, you may have come across the phrase PPM, but what does it mean? What is PPM? PPM is Planned Property Maintenance.  Or, more practically and in relation to property, it’s the process of understanding the maintenance needs of your buildings and scheduling repair and refurbishment […]

Landlord Services Free Download

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It is important to choose a property partner that has experience managing and maintaining large portfolios. The UK’s leading insurance providers such as LV and Lloyds Banking Group trust RFM to repair their customers’ properties when things go wrong. That trust is built through transparent lifecycle systems that allow them to monitor every stage of […]

The Best Plumbing & Property Maintenance Services

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RFM offer plumbing services to our facilities management customers as well as providing plumbing maintenance to social housing organisations and some of the UK biggest insurance companies. Everyone likes the idea of having the best plumbing service – but what does that involve? Most property managers understand the need to frequently inspect a building’s plumbing […]

Features of Web-based Technology in Social Housing Maintenance

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Keeping on top of maintenance is a 24/7 operation for social housing associations. The leading associations are turning to cloud based technology to manage the process. Previously we’d discussed the benefits of Using Technology to Shape Social Housing Maintenance. In this post, we’re going to delve into the typical features of web-based technology for repair […]

Good Value in Reactive Maintenance

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Value for money is central to the success of all organisations. But how do you ensure you get value for money when contracting a facilities management company to deliver reactive maintenance? Good Value Reactive Maintenance in Facilities Management The first step in understanding what is ‘good value’ in FM reactive maintenance is to assess all […]

Social Housing Maintenance Customer Service and Efficiency

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When maintaining social housing properties, customer service and business efficiency are central to delivering the best possible service to both social housing tenants and providers. Continuous Improvement Means Better Customer Service  In order to learn from customers’ experiences and to continually improve services,  feedback information from all sources including inspection reports, customer and client satisfaction, […]

Using Technology to Shape Social Housing Maintenance

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Social housing maintenance technology has a pretty clear remit – capture what’s wrong with a property, or is likely to be a problem in the near future, and fix it. Refresh or revitalise, update or upgrade, replace or remove; do what is needed to ensure the tenant is safe, comfortable and content whilst delivering a […]