Enhancing Security: CCTV and Onsite Guards

CCTV Guards

Did you know that the perfect security strategy lies in a blend of human vigilance and cutting-edge technology? Explore how CCTV and onsite guards work in tandem, creating a formidable shield against threats, or delve into the future of security with a fully remote approach. Unravel the layers of protection that await in the dynamic […]

Protecting Your Building: Implementing Security Measures

security guard standing on the gray floor

Keeping your building secure and the people inside safe is important for all property directors. A Comprehensive Guide to Implementing Effective Security Measures This guide provides a detailed overview of the various security measures that can be implemented to protect a building and its occupants. Learn about key concepts, systems, and strategies for making your […]

Security Patrols & Mobile Response

silver Volvo car with headlights on during night

Security patrols and mobile security guards provide organisations with human, intelligent and real-time protection for premises and property users. MOBILE SECURITY PATROLS Never underestimate the importance that security plays in keeping your business and people safe. Would a break-in (and the associated downtime) destroy your business? Many organisations find out the hard way. The cost […]

Benefits of a CCTV Security Service

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A premises security should be vital for anyone involved in facilities management. With the wealth of strategies that you can use, it can be difficult to pick one. Each offers its pros and cons, so you’ll need to spend time comparing them. One of the more notable – and common – is a CCTV security […]

The Role of Front of House to Secure Your Workplace

As a facilities manager or entrepreneur, you’ll have a duty to your employees to keep them safe. You’ll already have taken multiple measures to that end. Some of the more notable things you would’ve done include installing security cameras and alarms, alongside locks on the doors. That mightn’t prevent everything, however. Your front of house […]

What Is Access Control?

When you have a commercial property, you’ll have to oversee multiple things. Facilities management has quite a few things involved in it, which could be enough to overwhelm some people. It shouldn’t have to. Focusing on particular areas will make things much more straightforward. Security will be one of the more vital. You’ll need to […]

Manned Security’s Role in Keeping Property Safe and Secure

security man in black and white hoodie wearing brown helmet

Manned Security Keeps Facilities Safe Keeping your premises safe and secure can be the main responsibility of a facilities management director or property manager. After assessing your organisation’s needs from a security service, manned security will probably be top of the list.  Manned security guarding is a highly effective way of eliminating theft and vandalism. […]

The Many Roles of a Security Guard

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A security guard holds one of the most misunderstood and undervalued roles. Far more than the person who is just paid to sit around and watch camera footage all day or check who is coming and going from the office, security guards are a valuable asset for businesses who are committed to keeping their employees, […]

Vetting and Training Security Staff

Vetting security staff

Employing the best security staff is central to delivering reliable and efficient security services. Successfully recruiting, training and vetting effective security staff always begins with the careful planning of the recruitment process.  This ensures enough time to thoroughly vet each candidate.  Where applicable it should be noted on the initial job adverts that all applicants […]

Securing your Office this Winter

As we head into winter, making sure your office security is sound can be vital to achieving cost savings and ensuring you have a safe, reliable working environment for your employees to walk into. Future-proofing your office now before the long winter kicks in is essential. With evenings getting darker, weather colder and global warming […]