Collaborative Approaches to Property Repairs and Council Housing Maintenance

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Maximizing Impact For Residents and Councils Local authorities, including county councils, bear the responsibility of maintaining public properties and ensuring the well-being of residents in council housing. In this dynamic environment, collaboration with repair partners becomes pivotal. This article explores how repair partners can work alongside councils to address property repairs comprehensively and efficiently, with […]

Guide to Dilapidations Free Download

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Is the end of your lease due soon? Have you been issued with a dilapidations schedule? – understanding it can be a daunting task. We understand organisations have obligations that must be met with their buildings, be it a school, office, house or commercial space. We’re experts at managing properties. We also know what it […]

Social Housing Compliance

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Social housing is an important aspect of any modern society, as it provides affordable housing options for low-income individuals and families. In many countries, social housing is regulated by laws and regulations that aim to ensure that these properties are safe, well-maintained, and accessible to those in need. This article will provide an overview of […]

Guide to Compliance Free Download

Is your building legal? Keeping your facility compliant with UK law can be a daunting task. We understand organisations have a duty of care for everyone that uses their buildings, be it a school, office, house or commercial space. We’re experts at managing properties. We also know what it takes to achieve statutory compliance across […]

Landlord Services Free Download

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It is important to choose a property partner that has experience managing and maintaining large portfolios. The UK’s leading insurance providers such as LV and Lloyds Banking Group trust RFM to repair their customers’ properties when things go wrong. That trust is built through transparent lifecycle systems that allow them to monitor every stage of […]

Turning Around Voids and Empty Properties

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Simply put, a void property is one that doesn’t have a tenant living it. As a result it is classed as a vacant property. For those in the property business or social housing providers, this has the potential to be real problem. Recent data on voids and social housing properties shows that around 3% of […]

Making Social Housing Inclusive: Disability Aids and Adaptations

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Social housing has long been a part of society, offering a housing model that is more affordable than private renting with a more secure, long-term tenancy for those who need it. Disability aids and inclusive housing is critical to making social housing work for everybody. Whilst new housing is still being made available, the quantity […]

Features of Web-based Technology in Social Housing Maintenance

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Keeping on top of maintenance is a 24/7 operation for social housing associations. The leading associations are turning to cloud based technology to manage the process. Previously we’d discussed the benefits of Using Technology to Shape Social Housing Maintenance. In this post, we’re going to delve into the typical features of web-based technology for repair […]

8,831 Insurance and Social Housing Reactive Repairs

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Leading insurance companies such as Lloyds Banking Group and Aviva choose RFM Group to repair their clients’ homes when accidents occur. And, forward-thinking housing associations such as Railway Housing, Habinteg and Housing 21 turn to our Repair division to keep their houses in tip-top condition. 8,831 Property Repairs The past 12 months have been really […]

Social Housing Maintenance Customer Service and Efficiency

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When maintaining social housing properties, customer service and business efficiency are central to delivering the best possible service to both social housing tenants and providers. Continuous Improvement Means Better Customer Service  In order to learn from customers’ experiences and to continually improve services,  feedback information from all sources including inspection reports, customer and client satisfaction, […]