Broad Gate, Headrow, Leeds

The Brief

Broad Gate in Leeds is a striking Grade A building at the heart of the Headrow. Both entrepreneurial start-ups and global businesses share the building.  The spaces in Broad Gate are contemporary, flexible, well-specified, furnished and affordable.

Broad Gate gives organisations the opportunity to occupy furnished and air-conditioned workspace in Leeds’ most prestigious and dramatic office development. It offers a range of small to medium-sized offices to let from 130 sq ft.


Office Renovation Project at Broad Gate Leeds – Fifth Floor

Project Overview: The Broad Gate Leeds Fifth Floor Renovation Project involved extensive interior modifications to accommodate new office spaces and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. The project aimed to create a modern, functional, and visually appealing environment while adhering to the detailed plans provided by the architect’s drawings and specifications. The project included a suite split and refurbishment of corridors and common areas.






Project Value


Project Timescale

12 weeks

Our Approach

Scope of Work:

  1. Raised Access Floor Alterations:
    • Cut and alter existing raised access floor tiles to accommodate the new slab-to-slab wall.
    • Install new pedestals to support the modified tiles as per the manufacturer’s details.
  2. Ceiling Modifications:
    • Carefully remove ceiling tiles and grids in areas designated for replacement with new plasterboard ceilings.
    • Relocate metal tiles to the basement storage room for retention by the Building Management Team.
    • Take down and reinstate ceiling tiles and grids as required for M&E sub-contractor works.
  3. Partition Wall Construction:
    • Erect new slab-to-slab metal stud partition walls.
    • Construct a new metal stud partition wall from the finished floor level (FFL) to the ceiling.
  4. Acoustic Measures:
    • Install a new acoustic barrier between the suspended ceiling and the structural soffit above the wall.
  5. Finishing Details:
    • Fix new timber skirting to both types of walls.
    • Supply and install partition acoustic-rated glazing on walls.
    • Paint new partition walls to match the existing perimeter and core walls.
  6. Feature Installations:
    • Supply and fix feature acoustic slat wall cladding as per the architect’s drawings and specifications.
    • Install new carpet tile floor finish in the landlord’s corridor.
    • Install a feature vinyl floor tile on plywood backing in the landlord’s corridor.
  7. Door Installations:
    • Supply and fit new double-leaf entrance door sets to Suite 5.4 and Suite 5.5, including vision panels and door furniture.
    • Supply and fit new single-leaf secondary exit door sets to Suite 5.4 and Suite 5.5, including vision panels and door furniture.
    • Erect a new double-leaf corridor sub-division door set, including vision panels and door furniture.
  8. Corridor Upgrades:
    • Erect a new Metal Frame (MF) suspended ceiling between Suite 5.4 and 5.5 in the shared corridor.
    • Paint the new MF ceiling to match the existing landlord’s MF ceiling.


Challenges and Solutions: The project encountered challenges in coordinating various tasks to minimize disruption. Effective communication between trades and careful scheduling ensured that each phase of the project was completed efficiently. The relocation of ceiling tiles required precise documentation and storage to facilitate future management.


The fifth floor of Broad Gate on the Headrow in Leeds has seen a full strip-out of two large office suites and the refurbishment of the adjoining corridors. One office is now occupied and the other is in ‘CAT A’ state – a blank canvas – ready for new occupiers to layout as they need.


Outcome: The renovated space at Broad Gate Leeds Fifth Floor achieved a seamless integration of modern design elements, acoustic enhancements, and functional partitioning. The attention to detail in implementing the architect’s drawings and specifications resulted in a workspace that met the client’s expectations for aesthetics and functionality.

Conclusion: The Broad Gate Leeds Fifth Floor Renovation Project showcases the successful execution of a comprehensive interior modification plan. The collaboration between contractors, adherence to specifications, and attention to detail resulted in a transformed office space that aligns with contemporary design standards.

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