King Edward VI (KEVI), Handsworth School

The Brief

Refurbishment of King Edward VI School for Girls by RFM

King Edward VI School for Girls, a distinguished educational institution, entrusted RFM as the main contractor for an extensive refurbishment project during the summer break. The project aimed to enhance the overall aesthetics, structural integrity, and functionality of the school building.

Scope of Work:

The refurbishment works undertaken by RFM covered a wide range of areas, ensuring a comprehensive transformation of the school’s exterior and interior:

  1. Scaffolding and Window Replacement:
    • Scaffolding was erected on all 16 elevations of the school to facilitate the replacement of 75 traditional timber sash windows.
    • Extensive facade repairs were carried out to address any structural issues and ensure the longevity of the building envelope.
  2. Roof Repairs:
    • Roof repairs were conducted to address issues such as cracked and missing roof tiles, split lead, and damaged cast-iron rainwater goods.
    • Decorative elements like rainwater goods and existing roofline timber were also refurbished to enhance their visual appeal and protect against future deterioration.
  3. Cleaning and Restoration:
    • A thorough Steam DOFF cleaning process was employed for all brickwork and stonework, accompanied by re-pointing and repairs to restore the original charm of the building.
    • Replacement of original stone sills was carried out to maintain architectural authenticity.
    • Repairs were made to lead-light hall windows, ensuring the preservation of historical features.
  4. Windows and Blinds Installation:
    • The project included the installation of 5 motorised blinds for hall windows, providing enhanced control over natural light.
    • Additionally, 75 manual blinds were installed on the new timber sash windows, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.
  5. Internal Decoration:
    • Internal areas received attention with the detailed decoration of window boards, reveals, and architraves, creating a cohesive and polished interior environment.






Project Value


Project Timescale

12 weeks

Our Approach

Challenges and Solutions

Throughout the project, RFM faced various challenges, including coordinating the intricate replacement of historical elements and working within the confined schedule of the summer break. Effective project management, collaboration with skilled craftsmen, and the use of modern construction technologies were pivotal in overcoming these challenges.


RFM Group worked alongside the heritage window experts Ventrolla on this project, who renovated and replaced 74 timber windows for KEVI.


The refurbishment project successfully revitalized King Edward VI School for Girls, blending modern functionality with historical charm. The school’s facade now boasts restored windows, cleaned brickwork, and a renewed roofline, contributing to the preservation of its architectural heritage.

RFM’s commitment to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and effective project management resulted in the successful completion of the refurbishment project at King Edward VI School for Girls. The school’s refreshed appearance and improved structural integrity stand as a testament to the seamless collaboration between the school and RFM, ensuring a positive impact on the educational environment for years to come.

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