St Philip’s Church, Parish Centre

The Brief

St Philip’s Church offers relaxed family-friendly worship services every Sunday at 10:30 am in the church/church hall. They are part of the Diocese of Leeds in the Church of England.

RFM, a reputable construction company, was appointed as the main contractor for the comprehensive renovation of St. Philip’s Church Parish Centre in Osmondthorpe, Leeds. The project involved the demolition, remodelling, and fit-out of various areas within the facility to enhance its functionality and aesthetics.

The primary components of the renovation project included:

  1. Toilet Area Transformation:
    • Demolition of existing male and female toilets.
    • Re-modelling to create a separate disabled WC and storeroom.
  2. Kitchen Renovation:
    • Complete overhaul of the existing kitchen.
    • Installation of new vinyl flooring for enhanced durability and aesthetics.
    • Application of hygienic wall cladding to ensure a sanitary environment.
    • Addition of a new commercial stainless steel extractor hood for improved ventilation.
  3. Hall Refurbishment:
    • Decoration of the large hall, including timber panelling, ceilings, radiators, and pipework.
    • Replacement of all internal doors, frames, and architraves with new ones.





Project Value


Project Timescale

2 weeks

Our Approach

RFM executed the project with precision, adhering to the agreed-upon timeline. The phased approach ensured minimal disruption to the church’s regular activities, demonstrating the contractor’s commitment to efficiency and client satisfaction.

Toilet Area Transformation:

  1. Careful demolition to preserve the structural integrity of the building.
  2. Expert re-modelling to create a modern and accessible disabled WC.
  3. Strategic placement of a storeroom to maximize space utilization.


Kitchen Renovation:

  1. Thorough assessment and planning to optimize the kitchen layout.
  2. Installation of high-quality vinyl flooring for longevity and easy maintenance.
  3. Integration of hygienic wall cladding to meet health and safety standards.
  4. Impeccable installation of a commercial stainless steel extractor hood for improved kitchen functionality.

Hall Refurbishment:

  1. Meticulous decoration of timber panelling, ceilings, radiators, and pipework to enhance the hall’s visual appeal.
  2. Seamless replacement of internal doors, frames, and architraves to update the overall look and feel.


The successful completion of the project yielded the following outcomes:

  1. Enhanced Functionality:
    • The creation of a separate disabled WC and storeroom improved accessibility and storage capabilities.
  2. Modernized Kitchen:
    • The renovated kitchen now boasts a contemporary design, with new flooring and state-of-the-art extractor hood, meeting both aesthetic and functional requirements.
  3. Refreshed Hall Space:
    • The hall’s revitalized appearance, with updated timber panelling, ceilings, and new doors, frames, and architraves, contributed to a more welcoming atmosphere.
  4. Timely Completion:
    • RFM’s commitment to the agreed-upon timeline ensured that the renovation works were completed as scheduled, minimizing disruption to the church’s regular activities.


RFM’s successful renovation of St. Philip’s Church Parish Centre stands as a testament to their expertise in construction and project management. The transformation of the toilet facilities, kitchen, and hall not only improved the overall functionality of the space but also enhanced its visual appeal. The project’s completion on schedule reflects RFM’s dedication to delivering high-quality results while meeting client expectations.

‘We had a great experience with RFM Group, which won the works in competition, and delivered on time and budget, through a great collaborative approach’

Paul Smith  MRICS, Director, PSC Surveying Ltd


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