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Ilke Homes Harewood Gravity Games

The Harewood Gravity Games takes place 13-14 August 2022 and valued partner Ilke Homes are taking part.

Ilke Homes took part in the Harewood Gravity Games for the first time last year, and their team had such a fantastic time, raising lots of funds for a great cause. So this year they are going even bigger and better!

Not only do they have two teams entered in the races, they are also hosting a family and friends spectator event for all their employees and those of partner organisations like RFM Group, to give them a free family day out.

As a valued partner to Ilke, we are glad to support this event. Their Flaxby team would be very grateful for any contributions to their fundraising, which they’re doing in partnership with our treasured colleague Sam Hughes.

They are raising money for the Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre and Harrogate Skills 4 Living.

Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre in Harrogate

The new Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre in Harrogate opened in March 2014 and features:

  • 14 garden-facing chairs for patients to receive chemotherapy
  • six clinic rooms
  • two dedicated rooms for counselling
  • a supportive care, health and well-being area for patient advice and information.

Services offered by the centre include:

  • complementary therapies
  • local benefits advice
  • hair loss service
  • dietary advice.

Harrogate Skills 4 Living

Harrogate Skills 4 Living is a registered charity that provides care, support and accommodation to people in the Harrogate District with learning disabilities and autism.

They strongly believe in equality and diversity and their vision is to “reduce inequalities and support people with learning difficulties and autism to overcome the barriers they face to leading fulfilled lives”.

To donate click here.

Harewood Gravity Games

What is a Soap Box Gravity Racer

Soap Box Gravity Racers are go-karts that do not have any motors and rely completely on gravity to propel them down the track.

Brightly coloured soap boxes, sponsorship and advertising are encouraged.

Harewood Gravity Games also appreciate it if the team name is painted onto the Gravity Racer.

Gravity propulsion only – i.e. no motors, no pedals, no stored potential energy and no pushing from the start.

No loose weights will be allowed inside or outside the soap box.

Gravity Racers must have an effective steering system with adequate turning ability for the course layout. In our opinion, this is the most important part of the soap box design!

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