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Office Charging Points for Electric Vehicles (EV) the Benefits

Thinking about installing electric vehicle charging points in your office car park? You’re not alone; there has been a huge rise in the popularity of electric cars in recent years making this something that all employers who can offer it should be thinking about.

Office charging points are a hot topic and will become vital to all offices as all cars manufactured from 2030 will be electric.

To add some context, last year saw the biggest annual increase in the number of registrations in electric vehicles, with more than 305,000 registered – this is a growth of 74% on 2020.   Additionally, 130,000 more plug-in vehicles were sold in 2021 vs the number sold in 2020.

For business owners, however, investing in electric vehicle infrastructure can be intimidating. There are the upfront installation costs to consider as well as the potential inconvenience of installation work and any ongoing maintenance.  So is it really worth it?

DC charging a Nissan Leaf in a garage using a dcbel r16 smart home energy station.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points Future-Proof Your Business 

Future-proof your business: the government has been applying pressure to UK industry for many years to reduce their carbon footprint and look for greener and more sustainable ways of working.  Providing EV charging points at work is an environmentally-sound decision that supports this agenda whilst outwardly demonstrating your commitment to greener solutions. As people return to the office, they are going back green to sustainable offices.

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EV Charging Points Central to Facilites Management

Offer essential facilities: as more and more of your employees make the switch to an electric vehicle, they will need somewhere to charge it and will increasingly expect to be able to do this during the working day.  It’s a benefit that is not only practical but that will also make a difference as a perk when attracting and holding on to key talent.

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The Financial Benefits of Office Electric Charging Points 

Benefit financially: there are positive financial gains from investing in EV charging, as well as introducing electrical vehicles into the fleet.  As an environmentally-friendly choice, there are a number of incentives that businesses can benefit from including reduced fuel duty, road tax, company car (BIK) tax and van and car benefit charge. There are also grants and tax breaks to support green initiatives such as this, including a subsidy of £350 off every EV charger installed.

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Installing EV Charging Points

You can find out more about government support and check your availability here. (

Installing EV charging points at your business guarantees that you’re prepared for the future and are ready to meet the demands of your employees and the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road.

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