Facilities Management

Integrated FM

Using a single FM provider for all your needs cleverly streamlines your business. Just imagine: one point of contact, one invoice, one schedule of work. Best of all, no headaches.

Connected Services

Many of our clients find that the more they work with us, the better they perform.

That’s because we’ve got the expertise and resources to integrate each of our individual facilities services in the most effective and efficient way. By coordinating our services, spotting opportunities to consolidate tasks, and giving our people the skills and incentives to multi-task, we’re able to make the greatest difference of all when we become an integral part of your daily operations.

Better still, we use state-of-the-art technology, like Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM), to monitor and manage your building’s everyday performance in ways that just weren’t possible in the past. The results are a revelation. Integrating services helps to improve consistency and quality, and coordination of services by using a single Project Manager.

Meanwhile, FM software gives us a clearer overview of exactly what’s going on in your building.

That generates the kind of data we use for things like predictive maintenance, saving energy and significantly reducing your overall running costs.

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