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Whatever your industry, we make sure the safety and security of your people and property comes before everything else. That way we’re protecting your brand, too.

Peace of Mind

We already help public and private sector clients protect their people and property right across the UK, and we work with property agents who need a security partner they can count on.

Our service is different because we select, check, train and employ our security people directly – the way we want to – instead of using contractors.

It means you get fully qualified and licensed security professionals looking after you, but also individuals with the kind of attitude, demeanour and self-motivation that make them a credit to your company.

From your night patrols to the people who run your reception, we’ll even use CAFM technology to monitor and organise their shifts and routines, delivering better-than-ever performance and efficiency.

RFM Group SIA Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor logo

RFM Group currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of security guarding.

The organisation plans activities to promote and improve the reputation of the private security industry with the police, the local community and customers.  Useful links: Terrorism & National Emergencies, Met Police and MI5.

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