Planned Property Maintenance

Whether you are responsible for a single building, multiple sites or a large portfolio, a complete planned maintenance programme (PMP) is the foundation of successful property management.

Expertly Planned Property Maintenance

Planning property maintenance and repairs with a PMP will save you money, as well as help you avoid any unexpected surprises.

Our qualified experts use technology to assess your buildings entire structure to develop an effective PMP for the full life of a property.

Planned property maintenance also needs to be integral to the New Build process to ensure they meet legal and statutory requirements and remain in the highest condition. It reduces disputes between co-owners or leaseholders and helps managing agents, owners and investors use effective budgeting and avoid large repair bills.

Effective planned property repair involves all elements of maintenance, from routine cleaning, scheduled refurbishing and gardening to structural inspections.

It is dangerous not employing an expert facilities management company.

Our property consultants undertake a comprehensive building survey before drawing up a fully costed schedule of works, beginning with critical actions. We’ll also take into account specialist reports on asbestos, fire protection, security, lifts and other services. 

Scheduling maintenance and identifying work that can be undertaken at the same time, can lead to significant savings.

For example, repairing rooves alongside exterior painting or repointing, can utilise the same scaffolding for multiple jobs and reduce expensive fixed costs.

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