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COSHH Health and Safety in Facilities Management

FM Health and Safety is central to effective facilities operations. It is key that all substances that are hazardous to health are effectively managed.

But What does COSHH Mean?

COSHH stands for ‘Control of Substances Hazardous to Health’.

The COSHH regulations are designed to protect workers from injury and ill health when working with specific substances and materials.

Although they have been in place for over 25 years, they were updated in 2002 with amendments of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Work Regulations 1999.

BE WARNED a breach of COSHH regulations by an employer or employee is a crime in the UK. It is punishable by an unlimited fine.

Control of Substances  Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH)

It is important to implement stringent health & safety procedures across all aspects of a business to ensure that they comply with, and in many areas exceed statutory health & safety requirements. This begins with the implementation of thorough processes and training of staff.

RFM recommends a robust approach to COSHH and only utilising hazardous substances where absolutely necessary. 

The RFM COSHH Assessment

Focussing on the hazards and risks from substances in a workplace, a COSHH assessment covers areas such as:

  • Location: Whereabouts is there potential to be exposed to hazardous substances?
  • Effects: How are these substances harmful to health?
  • Related activities: Which tasks and function involve these potentially harmful materials?

COSHH Proceedures

We implement the following procedures with regards to COSHH:

  • Assessments are done on the risks to health from exposure to hazardous substances using all available information including manufacturers’ safety data sheets for specific substances.
  • Those working with hazardous substances are trained and the training includes reference to COSHH  assessments.
  • Personal protective equipment is provided in line with the findings of COSHH assessments.

  • Equipment provided to control exposure to hazardous substances is maintained in good condition and replaced when necessary.

  • Copies of the manufacturer’s safety data sheets and COSHH risk assessments are provided on client sites.

  • Assessments are reviewed periodically including when there are any changes to the Control of Substances  Hazardous to Health Regulations.

RFM Chemical labels


We utilise training and educational resources provided by BICSc to ensure best industry practice across all aspects of our operation. Our operative training schedules are based on BICSc guidelines and updates are rolled out accordingly.

This system is designed to limit the spread of germs or infection across a site. Materials which are generally coloured are mops, buckets, reusable and disposable cloths, brushes, gloves and sprays/bottles.  The standard colours and their uses are:

Yellow: Clinical Heathcare Use

COSHH Yellow RFM Group Clinical Healthcare Use

Red and White: Sanitary Appliances

COSHH Red and White RFM Group Sanitary Appliances

Green: General Food and Bar Use

COSHH Green RFM Group General Food Bar Use

Red: General Washrooms

COSHH Red RFM Group General Washrooms

Blue: General Lower Risk Area

COSHH Blue RFM Group General Lower Risk Area

RFM Group will provide all necessary materials to each relevant area of your facility and will adhere to any systems of work currently in place.

We are aware of the importance of maintaining the cleaning standards throughout the site and will implement robust segregation of cleaning materials and storage areas to eliminate cross-contamination and promote infection control.

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