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Our Top 4 Innovations to Help Your Workplace Concentration

Innovation is ingrained throughout our lives, looking for the most effective ways to gain advantage. Not just as employees but as human beings, we have always strived to make our lives easier and more productive, whether that be through tools and gadgets that help with our everyday tasks, or the latest advanced technology which helps us concentrate and manage our working lives.

Here, we take stock of our top 4 innovations we think will make their way into our future workspaces, which will help improve concentration and employee productivity.

Be sure to take stock of these developments when you are considering your next office refurbishment!

man sitting on black leather bench holding gray laptop computer on top of white wooden table

  1. Office Pods

Gone is the norm of the traditional office spaces with desks, chairs and seating. Your employees expect and deserve change, to be provided with a sense of freedom and trust by your company to add flexibility to their working life. Therefore, many modern offices are now, or are preparing to be, equipped with pods, which come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate your office and employees, making the most productive working environment. Available in a variety of materials, some are even portable, giving employees a choice in comfort levels and other factors, and allowing you to ensure they fit the landscape of your work environment perfectly.

white desk lamp near green potted plant on table

  1. Individual Lighting

Although a very simple workplace idea, lighting can make all the difference to your employee concentration and productivity. Where most offices go for strong, harsh overhead lighting, whilst giving little thought to more specific and personalised options. Adding a little more flexibility and ambience in office lighting can help make all the difference. Inventions like the Corner Office Table Lamp with Acoustic Privacy Shade by Pablo are relatively inexpensive and offer a huge return on productivity levels.

two women sitting in front of white table lounge chair

  1. Lounge Chairs

Adding style, comfort and informality to your workplace with lounge chairs can make all the difference creating a ‘home’ feel for your employees. Like the Office Pod, the Quiet Time Privacy Lounge chair is both stylish and useful. The cleverly designed seat creates a sense of privacy, relaxation whilst populated in a busy and bustling workplace.

  1. Human Blinkers

Large open-plan office spaces, shared and co-working spaces and the idea of flexible working has seen the need for some quiet time for everyone in their working lives. Blocking out the hustle and bustle of the office by getting away for some relaxation time is key to keeping your employees productive and motivated. Panasonic invented a practical solution to create wearable blinkers, allowing for better focus on what’s directly in front of you, blocking out the sights and sounds around you.

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