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Smart Workplaces and the Future Office

Smart workplaces and the future of office working are subjects close to our heart. We are working hard today, whilst keeping an eye on the future to make sure our services and your property deliver the best possible value and sustainable longevity for generations to come.

Technology and smart thinking permeate everything we do. 

Smart Thoughts 

Workplaces are changing. They are getting smarter. As our everyday lives are infused with technology, the ways we work and the environments we work in are evolving. 

Most people used to travel at the same time as everyone else, to the same place of work, to the same desk, each day. 

The world has now moved on. 

RFM Group has been at the forefront of this workplace evolution and the opportunities presented by the Smart Workspace are vast. You can learn more following our insights on our website or on Linked In.

future buildings smart workplace

Buildings need to be flexible. Smart Workplaces

Buildings were inflexible, as was management thinking, locked into static space planning models, working cultures and long leases – but there is another way (in fact an infinite number of other ways!) 

Technological advances have mirrored and enabled changes in the workplace that flexed around individuals, allowing people to work to their strengths, optimise performance and improve work-life balance. Flexible workplaces, hot-desking, remote working and every shade of hybrid model in between have led to ways of working almost as diverse as the make-up of the workforce. 

And these changes are interconnected. The improvement of working environments and practices lead to improved output, which allows for further advancement. 

silver imac on white table smart technology

The future is here. It just isn’t evenly distributed. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated these moves towards hybrid working. Homeworking has been rolled out by many organisations – where previously they thought it was impossible. Technology that was once just the preserve of the enlightened, advanced tech community, but has now transferred across most organisations of every size.

Teleconferencing and cloud computing have enabled people to work from anywhere. And as such, the workplace is no longer merely a physical entity and, in some cases, may not be primarily physical at all. The working environment for a growing number of people is a combination of physical, cultural and technological spaces. 

person using black iPad

At the same time, human connection and collaboration have been highlighted as critical for optimal performance and mental wellbeing. It is therefore critical for directors, line managers, facilities managers, IT and human resources professionals to integrate and manage their businesses and employees in this complex new world and offer them the resources they need on a day-to-day basis. 

Welcome to the Smart Workspace 

SMART WORKSPACE: The Future of Property

We speak to businesses and organisations of all sizes every day who turn to RFM for advice about how to upgrade and adapt their properties. Download our Free guide to the SMART WORKSPACE: The Future of Property, and you can learn how the workspace has evolved, and understand how you can benefit from our Smart Thinking.


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