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Covid-19 Measures from RFM Group and Insights how Corona Virus affects Property, FM and Fit-Out

Keeping safe and keeping going

During the current pandemic, RFM Group remains fully operational to support new and existing clients.

RFM Group has implemented various strategies and technologies to ensure smooth functioning continues. Where necessary RFM Group has put extra health and safety measures in place.

There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has presented many challenges to our industry, clients and partners. It is a testament to the dedication and resilience of our team who continue to deliver exceptional service whilst safely adhering to social distancing, hygiene measures and UK Government Guidelines.

Below is a collection of resources we hope will help you navigate the ongoing situation.

Useful Covid-19 Resources

We are here to help

Below are recommendations and suggestions of services RFM can offer, we will assist in any way possible in the implementation of any additional requirements and services.

  1. RFM can undertake a decontamination service on the office to ensure when staff return to work they are entering a sanitised area.
  2. RFM Group can assist with the re-designing workspaces to maintain 2-metre distances between people by staggering start times, creating one-way walk-throughs and changing seating layouts in break rooms
  3. RFM can assist in the complying of a COVID-19 risk assessment which will be completed for the working environments. The results of the risk assessments will need to be published website on your company website, all businesses with over 50 employees are expected to do so.
  4. Where people cannot be 2 metres apart, transmission risk must be managed. RFM will look into workplace shift patterns or fixed teams minimising the number of people in contact with one another, or ensuring colleagues are facing away from each other.
  5. RFM can undertake more frequent cleaning of the workplace, paying close attention to high-contact objects like door handles and keyboards. Handwashing facilities are provided, and hand sanitizer will be implemented at entry and exit points. Enhanced cleaning will be implemented particularly in communal areas and at touch points including:
    o Taps and washing facilities
    o Toilet flush and seats
    o Door handles and push plates
    o Handrails on staircases and corridors
    o Lift and hoist controls
    o Machinery and equipment controls
    o Food preparation and eating surfaces
    o Telephone equipment
    o Keyboards, photocopiers and other office equipment.
  6. RFM can increase the frequency of handwashing and surface cleaning.
  7. RFM recommend using back to back or side to side working (rather than face to face) whenever possible.
  8. RFM recommend sanitising desks on a nightly basis.
  9. RFM will implement, where possible, staggered start times for staff who can’t work from home.
  10. As advised by our health & safety consultants we will not be permitting hotdesking within our own offices.
  11. Any meeting to be treated with a higher level of control and undertaken remotely where possible.
  12. RFM will ensure all staff have adequate PPE where required.
  13. RFM will increase deep cleans to enable cleaning standards to be upheld during this time.
  14. RFM will be increasing the number of times the bins are emptied, this will be undertaken during the day as well as at the end of every day.
  15. RFM recommend the use of paper products instead of hand driers, as these are disposable.
  16. No sharing of equipment should be taking place.
  17. RFM advise crockery must be placed in the dishwasher by the users and not left on the surfaces.
  18. RFM recommend a restriction on none business deliveries.

As a business, we will continue to adopt and review new government guidance as and when it is available.

Mop Cleaning Outsourcing FM

Our Promise to Residential Customers

Our promise to you when we visit your property

Health and safety is RFM’s number one priority. We are taking reasonable steps to ensure the wellbeing of your household, our staff and our contractors during this time.

In line with the UK Government’s guidance, some of the extra measures you can expect from us when we visit your property may include:

Before we visit

Before we arrange the start of works on your property, we will contact you to agree we can safely be in your property. We will address any concerns about the safety of your family and our team, together and will confirm that we are all happy to proceed.

On arrival

We will notify you by phone before we arrive. We may arrive in separate vehicles. If required, we can arrange to avoid face-to-face contact such as opening the door when entering the property. If a household member is more vulnerable, we may ask them to stay in a separate room while work is carried out. We will wear personal protection equipment (PPE) such as face masks or gloves.

During our visit

We will follow Government guidance on handwashing and using hand sanitiser throughout our visit. Social distancing measures will be maintained and we will avoid contact as much as possible. We will ensure good ventilation in the area where we are working.

When we leave

We will endeavour to disinfect all surfaces our team have been in contact with at the end of each working day. When we have finished the works, we will also disinfect all surfaces before we leave.

Please notify us immediately if your circumstances have changed in any way. If you have any questions or concerns about the visit, please call us on 0113 202 9000 or by email at

Additional Resources

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Ensuring Covid-19 Compliance in FM

Putting Covid-safe measures at the heart of facilities management The impact of Covid-19 has reshaped the role of facilities management. It now looks beyond how buildings are managed and services delivered to a broader role in ensuring compliance with complex and detailed guidelines designed to ensure Covid-safe environments.

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What Covid-19 Has Taught Us About Fit-Out Best Practice

The 2020 global health pandemic has caused a fundamental shift in so much of what we consider normal. For the thousands of workplaces that are now starting to reopen, their workers will be returning to some very different ways of working as many contractors and developers scrabble to redefine their processes and project performance to ensure they are Covid-safe.

specially formulated Bactericidal and Viricidal cleaning agent

Covid-19 Decontamination Using Fogging Technology

RFM Group are one of the leading cleaning and facilities management companies in the UK, we have invested in specially designed disinfection fogging machines, to enable organisations to safely re-open their premises.

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