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Nugent Leadership Summit Sponsored by RFM Group

Nugent and RFM Group continue their partnership to deliver the 2021 Nugent Leadership Summit.

Nugent is a Merseyside based registered charity that has been in operation for 140 years. They support over 8,000 beneficiaries each year. They are a major employer in the area, employing 450 staff and 200 volunteers. 

Their reach extends across North West England and they courageously advocate on issues of justice and fairness.  This year, Nugent celebrates a significant milestone – 140 years of care, support and education for children, adults and families across Merseyside.

Nugent Leadership Summit

The Nugent Leadership Summit provides Nugent with a rare opportunity to bring all of their senior leaders together – as well as their executive leadership team and trustees – to reflect on their progress and look ahead to the future.

Nugent Leaders

Leadership Keynotes

The summit included a number of plenaries, external keynotes, discussions/debates and breakout sessions throughout the day. 

The day started with a rousing presentation by The Colour Works, before an inspiring talk from Dave Bolton and his unwavering positivity and finished with motivational reflections on radical candour by Sharon Amesu.

Nugent CEO, Normandie Wragg steered attendees to consider various aspects of Nugent’s future – the tools needed to develop into our ‘best selves’ – and the shared journey towards ‘outstanding’.

Nugent Leadership Summit Normandie Wragg

Normandie Wragg, CEO, Nugent:

“This leadership summit is an opportunity to bring together our leaders from across the organisation to share the vital work we are doing. 

I would like to thank the fantastic team we have at Nugent and our partners at RFM Group. The facilities management services they provide enable us to continue to deliver our services to the community and help those most in need.

As keen supporters of our work, RFM were the obvious choice to support our Leadership Summit.”

Nik Ashworth

Nik Ashworth, FM Director, RFM Group:

“RFM Group are proud to partner with Nugent. The work they carry out caring for, educating, and protecting vulnerable children, young people and adults is phenomenal. We are proud to be their partner in supporting the work they do within the community.”

The event took place on Tuesday 28th September at the Innside by Melia Hotel.

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