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Standing Desks: Could They Benefit Your Business as Well as Your Health?

The message is clear: Sitting too much is bad for your health.

With scientific evidence that directly correlates the amount of time we spend sitting down to issues with our health, including Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease, it’s time for employers to address the needs of their staff.

We all know we need to ‘move more often’ and ‘take regular exercise,’ but it isn’t always possible when your job means sitting in front of a computer for eight hours a day. Many businesses are now investing in standing desks as an option for their employees.

So how can they improve your health and benefit your business?

Apart from the obvious claim that standing up burns more calories than sitting down, studies show that if you stand up after eating it lowers blood sugar levels, which also improves blood circulation. Increased blood circulation equates to improved cognitive function and increased energy and motivation, thus increasing work productivity. Something all business owners would be happy to hear.

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Many users of standing desks also report an improvement in sciatica and body aches and pains. The ability to be able to stand up and stretch out, bend knees and increase movement helps to reduce many ailments which ultimately means fewer sick days taken. Although, it has been reported that for some, joint and lower back pain can worsen, and with a lack of long-term research into this new type of desk working, it’s hard to tell yet what the real pros or cons are on physical well-being.

The other major benefit reported by employees is that standing at their desks as opposed to sitting, means they’re much more likely to move around the office. Increased movement around the office means improved interaction with colleagues, which is great for business and the happiness of its staff. Plus, more interaction can lead to great collaborations which could lead to much bigger and better things.

Investment in an employee’s well-being shows them that their employer cares about them, so taking time to assess the needs of everyone shows dedication and care for the staff and compliance with the current Disability Discrimination ACT. If staff feel cared for, they’re more likely to be loyal and invest more commitment in their work.

There’s a vast range of standing, sit-stand and height adjustable desks across the market to suit any businesses budget, so now’s the time to put assessments in place to see if any would benefit your employee’s well-being and ultimately boost your business.

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