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What is office design and how do workplaces benefit?

Office design covers all components of the workspace, including decor, layout, lighting and the use of furniture and different zones. In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of office design and highlight reasons why businesses should consider hiring a professional design company.

Introduction: What is office design?

Office design is a broad term, which covers every element of the design of a workspace or office. From the colours and patterns and prints to the furniture selected and the way spaces are clearly defined or joined together, the aim of workspace design is to create workplaces that work for the brand, the team, and in cases where clients come into the premises, the customers too. Design is about the aesthetic of the office, but it’s also about functionality and practicality. An effective design should tick every box. 

Office desiged around peopel usining it with computers and desks

What are the benefits of office design for commercial properties?

There are several benefits of a professional office fit-out. Here are some of the key advantages for commercial workplaces and properties:

1. Celebrating identity, branding and creating positive impressions

The look of commercial premises impacts the way customers and employees perceive the brand and how they feel when they are first introduced to the business. It takes an average of 7 seconds to form a first impression. Slick, stylish, smart spaces with character and personality create positive impressions and leave people wanting to find out more about the brand. Your office or commercial property design can turn heads and set your brand apart. 

branding design office

2. Promoting cohesion and collaboration

Many employers want to encourage their employees to work together. This is not always easy in traditional office spaces where communal areas are limited to canteens or reception areas. Office design provides solutions to problems, including creating spaces for collaborative work, setting up zones for different tasks or purposes and making offices more versatile. A good design can remove barriers and actively promote cohesion.

MacBook Pro

3. Enhanced wellbeing

The working environment can have a major influence on wellbeing and mental health. Bright, open spaces that have access to natural light and greenery are proven to make people feel better and boost productivity. Office design can also provide beautiful or inspiring aesthetics to enhance wellbeing, improve morale and create environments where employees feel safe, secure and happy.

4. Improving flexibility

Providing flexibility is one of the key challenges for those in facilities management today. Flexible working has become more commonplace, and many businesses are offering employees the opportunity to work from home, hot desk or follow a hybrid working structure. Modern offices have to be flexible and versatile. Working with an office design company can help you to improve flexibility in line with your requirements and preferences. You can design a space that works for your business.

flexible office


Office design revolves around creating workplaces or commercial premises fit-outs that deliver both style and substance. The goal is to design spaces that look incredible but also work for the company, its employees and its customers. Hiring a professional, reputable, experienced office design agency has multiple benefits. With experts in your corner, you can promote and encourage cohesion, design versatile, functional spaces that look amazing and showcase your brand. You can also enhance well-being, boost team morale and improve flexibility

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