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Ian Flanagan talks Facilities Management

With 25 years’ experience in the field, our CEO Ian Flanagan has a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide not only for our customers but our employees as well.

We caught up with Ian Flanagan to discuss how he got into Facilities Management, his views on the industry now and where he thinks it’s heading in the future…

1) What was your first job?

Whilst at school, I had a paper round at age 12 for two years. I enjoyed working and earning so much that I actually managed to secure a second paper round but soon realised I couldn’t manage both, so I enlisted a friend to do the second one and paid him half of what I was being paid. Many years later I found out you call that subcontracting!

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2) How did you get into Facilities Management?

I was working as a delivery driver when I saw an opportunity to get into sales and marketing within the FM industry, I moved into the role and then progressed internally from there. The rest, as they say, is history and I have now been in the industry for over 25 years.

3) How do you challenge the status quo in FM?

Through constant questioning, analysing and looking at what I would want if I was the customer. This manifests itself in our connected service offering that our customers prize so highly.

4) How would you improve the Facilities Management industry?

With fresh new talent. We need to keep bringing young people into the industry, both in the market and in the workplace. We also find that investing in technology has kept RFM ahead of the pack and we will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible to ensure our customers continue to receive world-class service.

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5) What do you think is the future of the Facilities Management industry?

I think the future of the FM industry is really positive – I’ve felt that way for 25 years and nothing has made me change my mind. Embracing technology and connecting services will be even more important as we develop SMART spaces for everybody.

6) Who, in any other industry, do you most admire?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos – talk about spotting an opportunity to lead from the front with some vision.

7) Lastly, if you could host a dinner party with any three guests who would they be and why?

Comedian Mickey Flanagan because he is my namesake and I find him hilarious.

Business Tycoon Richard Branson so I can ask him about his career.

Football Manager Alex Ferguson to hear all the tales from the changing room.

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