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Smart Listening leads to Smart Learning

Listening is the key to learning. And learning is key to high-performance.

This is true in all walks of life, from the classroom to the sports field and definitely in the workplace. Expertise is born of learning and thus listening. And learning never stops.

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Listening leads to new ideas. Ideas fuel progress 

The more diverse the workforce, who are empowered to influence change; the more abundant new ideas will be for your organisation. New ideas are the lifeblood of growth, so leaders must develop a workplace that allows new ideas to flourish from all quarters. 

It is Smart to Listen

You are part of a fully integrated multi-generational workplace, and this will continue to be the case in the future. 

Generation Z entered the workforce in 2017, a cohort typically defined as being born between 1995 and 2012. As these employees set their sights on becoming future movers and shakers, organizations need to know what Gen Z brings to the workplace to foster the vibrant multi-generational mix that every enterprise depends upon. 

Understanding the needs of all workplace users and the demands of future clients, listening is at the heart of any successful process – continual, smart listening. The fast pace of change means that processes, management styles and work culture need to be adaptable to meet the demands of the organisation. 

As new generations continue to join the workforce, they are becoming more demanding and have admitted to constantly looking for new opportunities if their employer is not satisfying their needs. Therefore, by listening to these needs and demands, retaining and gaining new talent will not be a concern. 

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Integrating Gen Z with Gen X and Why 

However, this does not mean disregarding Gen X, as their needs will be different from those who are newly filtering through the business, so how should we balance differing preferences? 

When it comes to developing and implementing a workplace strategy, a purely generational analysis is potentially misleading. ‘Life-stage’ is a more important driver of demand for things like flexibility.

Leading employers are recognising the need to take a holistic approach to when, where and how their employees work. 

Smart listening

"the most commonly provided workplace facility that employees value most is the cafeteria, followed by coffee bars"

According to CBRE, the most commonly provided workplace facility that employees value most is the cafeteria, followed by coffee bars. (Check out this fantastic cafeteria and coffee bar project RFM Group delivered for Emerald Publishing group). Only 20% felt that amenities like games rooms and dry cleaning were important – so assuming that more is better could lead to overkill when it comes to providing services and facilities. 

three women sitting at the table smart listening

Our research has found more than 60% of employees are unsupported, detached or disengaged.

Smart listening is crucial to the success of any business yet is historically something that businesses have neglected. But listening is the easiest way to engage employees and allow growth and adaptation within the business rather than adopting a stubborn mentality. Listening leads to new ways of thinking and new technology.

Introduce SMART Listening and engage your employees

The combination of being a listening employer and investing in technology acts as a magnet to attract and retain talent – whatever their age or life stage.

SMART WORKSPACE: The Future of Property

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