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What Do Washroom Services Include?

Facilities managers working in busy offices, estate management firms, factories or colleges know that washroom services are important and share the same concerns that business leaders do.

Washroom services (or restroom services) are core to most facilities management services. FM customers should be able to choose from a variety of easily accessible and reasonably priced restroom options.

Maintaining washroom hygiene is a legal responsibility, and you must ensure compliance with Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations.

As part of the initial service set-up, a competent facilities management company should audit your washrooms and associated processes to ensure you are fully compliant with your obligations.

To reduce the accumulation of germs and prevent cross-contamination, these should be maintained often by skilled hygiene technicians.

All bins will be installed and maintained safely, and any rubbish they contain should be disposed of in accordance with the applicable legal requirements. Waste management is important to the health and safety of your employees and site users. An FM manager should be able to rest easy knowing that the washrooms have been taken care of in this way, making sure your personnel and guests are comfortable and secure.

Washroom Services

Sanitary Waste Bins and Feminine Hygiene Bins

A sanitary waste bin service for feminine hygiene usually includes:

  • Installation
  • The hardware and equipment during the servicing period
  • Free calls for emergencies
  • Weekly or biweekly maintenance
  • Bins are often made of reinforced white plastic. Though it is possible to upgrade to Chrome and Black.
  • Costs included in the principal cleaning bill
Washroom Services

Additional Washroom Services

Additional washroom/restroom services include:

  • Hand soap systems
  • Linen roller towels
  • Nappy bins
  • Soap
  • Infant washroom products
  • High-energy germicide powder
  • Urinal and toilet sanitising systems
  • Feminine hygiene bins
  • Sharps bins
  • Air freshener systems
  • Air purification systems
  • Electric hand dryers

Restroom Cleaners

Washroom cleaners should be experienced, fully vetted and eligible to work in the UK.  It is also important that cleaning companies providing restroom services hold comprehensive insurance.

Washroom Services

Washroom and Hygiene Services 

Organisations owe it to individuals to meet their basic requirements. It also shows a dedication to your personnel and guests, ensuring they are valued and welcomed on your property.

To keep your organisation and visitors healthy and happy, make sure your visitors always have access to clean, well-maintained, and simple-to-use restroom facilities like soap dispensers, hand sanitisers, sanitary units, toilet roll and sanitary bag dispensers, and surface sanitisers.

Step by Step Guide to Switching Facilities Providers

We speak to businesses every day who feel they ‘don’t want the hassle’ of switching suppliers or are unsure about the terms of their current contract. That’s why we’ve created a Step by Step Guide to Switching Facilities Providers. See our three simple steps to switching your supplier and how easy it can be to make a significant positive impact on your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Washroom Services

  1. What are washroom services?

    Washroom services encompass a range of hygiene and maintenance services designed to keep public and private restrooms clean, functional, and pleasant for users. These services often include cleaning, replenishing supplies, and ensuring a safe and sanitary environment.

  2. Why are washroom services important?

    Washroom services are crucial for maintaining hygiene, preventing the spread of disease, and creating a positive experience for restroom users. They help businesses and organizations comply with health and safety regulations while enhancing their reputation.

  3. What services are typically included in washroom services?

    Typical washroom services include restroom cleaning, waste disposal, toilet paper and soap replenishment, air freshener maintenance, hand sanitiser provision, and ensuring the overall functionality of fixtures like sinks and toilets.

  4. Who benefits from washroom services?

    Washroom services benefit a wide range of establishments and organizations, including restaurants, offices, schools, shopping malls, healthcare facilities, hotels, and public restrooms in parks and transportation hubs.

  5. How often should washroom services be performed?

    The frequency of washroom services can vary based on factors such as the restroom’s usage, the size of the facility, and local regulations. Typically, high-traffic restrooms require more frequent servicing, which may be daily or several times a day, while low-traffic restrooms may need weekly or bi-weekly servicing.

  6. Are washroom services environmentally friendly?

    Many modern washroom service providers prioritize environmentally friendly practices. They use eco-friendly cleaning products, reduce water wastage, and promote the responsible disposal of waste materials.

  7. How can I find a reliable washroom service provider?

    To find a reliable washroom service provider, consider researching and comparing providers in your area. Read reviews, ask for recommendations, and inquire about their experience, certifications, and commitment to sustainability.

  8. Are there any legal requirements related to washroom services?

    Yes, various health and safety regulations may govern the maintenance and hygiene of public and private restrooms. Compliance with these regulations is crucial to avoid fines and penalties. It’s essential to stay informed about local and national regulations that pertain to your specific type of facility.

  9. What should I look for in a washroom service contract?

    When entering into a washroom service contract, pay attention to service frequency, pricing, the scope of services provided, the duration of the contract, and any cancellation policies. Ensure that the contract meets the specific needs of your facility.

  10. Can I customize washroom services to suit my facility’s unique needs?

    Yes, many washroom service providers offer customizable packages to meet the unique needs of different facilities. You can discuss your specific requirements with the provider to create a tailored service plan.

  11. How can I maintain restroom hygiene between service visits?

    Encourage restroom users to practice good hygiene by providing adequate supplies like soap, paper towels, and hand sanitisers. Regularly check and clean the restroom as needed to ensure it remains presentable between service visits.

  12. What are the benefits of outsourcing washroom services?

    Outsourcing washroom services can save time and resources, ensure consistent quality, and allow businesses to focus on their core operations while leaving restroom maintenance to experts.

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