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How to Choose a Waste Management Company

Commercial waste disposal is a critical duty for the environment as well as the health and safety of your business. It can be difficult to know which firm is best suited for your needs with so much information and so many competitors available.

As a facilities manager or property director, you may have been tasked with looking after choosing a waste management company. Where do you start?!

Key considerations when chosing a waste management company

What’s the big deal with Waste – Why is Waste Management Important?

Any firm must have proper waste management and disposal.

Commercial and Industrial waste is s serious matter. In England alone, we generated 33.8 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste in 2020. This underlines the need of mitigating the effects of our actions.

Commercial and Industrial waste in England

Total waste generated by the commercial and industrial sectors, England, 2010–2020 (million tonnes)
YearCommercialIndustrialTotal C&I

The latest estimates for England only, indicate that waste generation was around 33.8 million tonnes in 2020, a decrease of 9% since 2019. 

Source: UK Statistics

However, waste management isn’t only about the environment; it may also improve your efficiency and cut your expenditures.

Choosing the correct company is critical to the success of this strategy. This decision is not only central to the success of your waste management and, by extension, your business, but it is also a legal necessity to ensure that your waste carrier is licenced to dispose of waste and will do so safely and securely.

Key Considerations in Waste Management

We want to make waste management as painless as possible at RFM, which is why we’ve put together these top suggestions so you know what to look for when selecting a waste management business.

The Environment, Recycling and Green Credentials

Recycling is now more than ever an important part of waste disposal that more and more businesses are focusing on.

Reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills benefits us all:

  • it reduces the number of toxins released into the atmosphere,
  • reduces environmental damage,
  • prevents valuable land space from being wasted for landfill purposes,
  • and creates a more efficient environment.


Furthermore, if all of these advantages aren’t enough to persuade you to hire a recycling-focused waste management firm, you’ll find that, because recycling is such a significant issue, strengthening your green credentials will attract additional business, as companies seek to partner with green organisations.

Where Will Your Waste Go?

Find out where your waste will be disposed of and choose the most environmentally friendly alternative when selecting a waste management provider.

Reuse and recycle where possible.  Look to reduce the miles that transport takes to dispose of your waste and look to holistically reduce your company’s carbon footprint.  Aim to send Zero waste to landfill! These measures should be part of your Environmental Policy

four assorted-color trash bins beside gray wall

Reliable Waste Services

You want to make sure that any service you use fits your business needs and isn’t too inconvenient. Choose a provider that is simple to use and accommodating to your schedule. Also, make sure you’re working with a reputable organisation that will deliver on its promises.

Effective Integrated Facilities Management companies deliver services to clients that match their needs and ensure a simple service, with collections tailored to business needs. Whether that is every hour, day, or week, service should be swift and efficient.


RFM Group are built on technology – we use it to drive efficiency and deliver exception service. And that technology is utilised across all our services, from cleaning, security and waste mangement through to all other aspects of facilities management. All powered by Computer-Aided Facilities Management software (CAFM).

Manage your account online to take control of your recycling and rubbish alongside the rest of your facilities.

Value & Pricing of Waste Management

Many business owners must monitor their profit margins. Obviously, the cost of any service is a major issue. While you may be tempted to choose the lowest option, keep in mind that these firms may not be able to provide you with the level of service that you require. It is preferable to strike a balance between a reasonable price and a high-quality service. 

A high-quality, efficient service will save you money in the long run, whereas cheap and cheerful may not. The correct provider will offer good pricing while also providing excellent service, streamlining your waste streams and thus lowering your costs.

Value and Price are not the same things.

Rubbish Pile

Customer Service in Waste Management

Customer service is crucial to all businesses. The importance of customer service is explained in How to Ensure You’re Providing the Right Service at the Right Price – Customer Service

Consider how experienced your waste management firm is while making your decision. The more experience a company has, the better they will be at handling your waste and providing excellent customer service, making the entire process much more pleasant and stress-free.

We’re pleased with the experience we’ve gained and the clients we’ve served at RFM Group.

Any firm must have proper trash management and disposal. As mentioned earlier, the millions of tonnes of commercial and industrial waste generated across the country underlines the importance of recycling.


The location of a waste management company is an important factor to consider while making a decision. If your bins are to be collected promptly and according to the agreed-upon timetable, make sure the provider can efficiently serve your area.

Multi-site management

Do you have more than one site? We can manage that for you. 

RFM Group provides Waste Management and Disposal Services as part of a complete Facilities Management package. We have headquarters in Leeds and serve all the North of England, from Hull and Teeside to Chester, Lancaster and in between in Manchester, Liverpool, Bradford and across Yorkshire.

All our locations are listed here.

RFM Group repairs Scotland Map

Legal and Environmental Compliance

We’ve talked before about the importance of compliance and staying legal. One of the most critical elements of the world of facilities management is compliance, not least because failure to comply with some basic facilities-related legislation could have catastrophic consequences.

We’re committed to taking care of your waste in a compliant manner as a responsible waste management provider to hundreds of businesses.

Reputation and Reviews

Check out the reviews to make sure you hire a waste management business that consistently meets and exceeds consumer expectations. You may also ask around for referrals — word of mouth is powerful, and any other business owner who knows of a quality firm will gladly assist you!

An effective Facilities Management company will be able to share case studies and customer references.


It’s critical to confirm that your potential waste management and disposal company is registered and licenced by the Environment Agency

ISO certification is a seal of approval from a third party body that a company runs to one of the international standards developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO registration provides a symbol of quality and assurance when selecting a Facilities Management company. 

RFM ISO 9001RFM ISO 14001Waste Management Company

RFM Group are ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 Certified 

Typical Commercial and Office Waste Types 

Typical commercial and office waste generated by businesses include:

  • Paper or card
  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Food waste
  • Single-use coffee cups
  • General or residual waste collection

Combining Waste Management with Other Services

The majority of organisations will seek out a single company that can handle all of their waste management requirements. Otherwise, things will become more complicated, so make sure your prospective organisation provides all of the services you require now and in the future.

However, the game-changing solution is combining waste management with all your other facilities’ services – Integrated Facilities Management

Many of our clients find that the more they work with us, the better they perform.

That’s because we’ve got the expertise and resources to integrate each of our individual facilities’ services in the most effective and efficient way. By coordinating our services, spotting opportunities to consolidate tasks, and giving our people the skills and incentives to multi-task, we’re able to make the greatest difference of all when we become an integral part of your daily operations.

Step by Step Guide to Switching Facilities Providers

We speak to businesses every day who feel they ‘don’t want the hassle’ of switching suppliers or are unsure about the terms of their current contract. That’s why we’ve created a Step by Step Guide to Switching Facilities Providers. See our three simple steps to switching your supplier and how easy it can be to make a significant positive impact on your business.

FAQ: Choosing the Right Waste Management Company for a Sustainable Future

Q1: Why is it important to choose a waste management company that emphasizes recycling and waste reduction?

A: Selecting a waste management company that prioritizes recycling and waste reduction contributes significantly to environmental sustainability. Recycling helps conserve resources, reduce pollution, and minimize the overall environmental impact of waste disposal.

Q2: What factors should I consider when choosing a waste management company?

A: Key factors to consider include the company’s experience, commitment to recycling, reliability, customer service, and location. These elements collectively determine the company’s ability to handle waste responsibly and efficiently.

Q3: How does a waste management company’s experience matter?

A: Experience indicates a company’s proficiency in waste management practices. A company with years of experience is likely to have developed effective strategies for recycling, waste reduction, and responsible disposal.

Q4: How can I ensure that a waste management company is environmentally friendly?

A: Look for certifications such as ISO 14001, which signifies a commitment to environmental management. Additionally, inquire about the company’s recycling initiatives, waste diversion rates, and any partnerships with environmentally conscious organizations.

Q5: Why is customer service important in waste management?

A: Excellent customer service ensures smooth communication, timely responses to concerns, and a transparent relationship. A company that values its customers is likely to prioritize their needs, including environmentally responsible waste management practices.

Q6: What role does location play in choosing a waste management company?

A: Proximity to your location reduces transportation-related environmental impact and costs. A local waste management company is more likely to be familiar with local regulations, making compliance easier and more effective.

Q7: How can I assess a waste management company’s commitment to recycling?

A: Inquire about the company’s recycling facilities, processes, and the percentage of waste they divert from landfills. A commitment to recycling should be evident in their practices and policies.

Q8: What certifications should I look for in an environmentally friendly waste management company?

A: Look for certifications such as ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and membership in industry associations like the Environmental Services Association or others relevant to your region.

Q9: How can I verify a waste management company’s reliability?

A: Research customer reviews, testimonials, and case studies. Additionally, ask for references from businesses with similar waste management needs. A reliable company will have a track record of consistent and dependable service.

Q10: What role does technology play in waste management?

A: Advanced technology, such as waste tracking systems and data analytics, can enhance the efficiency of waste management processes. Inquire about the company’s use of technology to ensure they are employing the latest tools for optimal waste management.

Choosing the right waste management company involves a careful consideration of environmental practices, reliability, and customer-centric values. By focusing on these key factors, you can contribute to a sustainable future while meeting your waste management needs effectively.

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