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Being a Critical Friend in Facilities Management: Fostering Improvement and Excellence

Critical Friends in FM

In the realm of facilities management, the pursuit of continuous improvement and excellence is vital for the smooth functioning and success of any organization.

While the role of a facilities manager is crucial in achieving these goals, the presence of a “critical friend” can further enhance the effectiveness of the facilities management team.

This article explores the concept of being a critical friend in facilities management, and its significance, and provides examples of how this approach can drive positive change and foster excellence.

Understanding the Role of a Critical Friend

Definition and Purpose

A critical friend, in the context of facilities management, is an individual or a group that provides constructive feedback, challenges existing practices, and offers alternative perspectives to improve overall performance. The purpose of a critical friend is to act as a catalyst for positive change, promoting self-reflection, and encouraging the adoption of innovative and efficient approaches in facilities management.

Characteristics of a Critical Friend

A critical friend possesses the following characteristics:

Objectivity: A critical friend approaches their role with an unbiased and impartial mindset, ensuring that their feedback is based on evidence and analysis rather than personal bias or preconceived notions.

Constructive Criticism: The feedback provided is aimed at identifying areas for improvement rather than tearing down or criticizing individuals or teams. Their approach is focused on constructive solutions and suggestions.

Trust and Confidentiality: A critical friend establishes trust with the facilities management team, ensuring that confidential information is handled responsibly and that feedback is shared in a supportive and confidential manner.

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Examples of Being a Critical Friend in Facilities Management

Process Improvement

Seeking an objective and outside view can contribute to process improvement within facilities management by critically analyzing existing workflows and identifying bottlenecks or inefficiencies. For example, they may suggest the adoption of technology-driven solutions to automate routine tasks, streamline communication channels, or introduce new performance metrics to gauge operational effectiveness.

Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking

A critical friend can play a pivotal role in evaluating the performance of the facilities management team against industry benchmarks and best practices. By providing objective feedback, they can identify areas of strength and areas that require improvement. For instance, they may recommend regular performance assessments, benchmarking exercises, or professional development opportunities to enhance the skills and knowledge of the team.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

In an era where sustainability and environmental considerations are paramount, a critical friend can offer insights and guidance to integrate green practices within facilities management. They can help identify areas where energy consumption can be reduced, waste management strategies can be improved, or renewable energy sources can be incorporated. This collaborative approach helps organizations align their facilities management practices with sustainability goals.

Embracing the role of a critical friend in facilities management

Embracing the role of a critical friend in facilities management can yield significant benefits for organizations striving for excellence. By providing objective feedback, constructive criticism, and alternative perspectives, a critical friend helps drive positive change, fosters continuous improvement, and enables facilities management teams to optimize their operations. Embracing this approach not only enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of facilities management but also cultivates a culture of learning, innovation, and excellence.

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Overcoming the Challenges of Being a Critical Friend in Facilities Management

Being a critical friend in Facilities Management (FM) can be a rewarding but challenging role. Critical friends aim to provide constructive feedback and challenge existing practices to improve FM operations. However, they may face several challenges in this role. Here are some of the key challenges and how a good FM company can overcome them:

1. Resistance to Change:

Challenge: One of the primary challenges for a critical friend is dealing with resistance to change within the FM team. People often resist new ideas or approaches, especially if they are comfortable with existing practices.

Solution: To overcome this challenge, a good FM company should foster a culture of openness and adaptability. This can be achieved through regular communication about the benefits of change, involving team members in decision-making processes, and providing training and support for implementing new practices. Building trust and emphasizing the long-term advantages of change can also help reduce resistance.

2. Managing Egos and Emotions:

Challenge: Providing critical feedback can sometimes lead to hurt egos and emotional reactions among team members or stakeholders. People may take feedback personally, which can hinder productive discussions.

Solution: Effective communication skills and emotional intelligence are crucial for a critical friend. They should approach feedback with empathy and sensitivity, emphasizing that the goal is improvement, not criticism. A good FM company can offer training and workshops on emotional intelligence and effective communication to help both critical friends and team members handle feedback more constructively.

3. Maintaining Objectivity:

Challenge: Remaining objective and unbiased in assessments and recommendations can be difficult, especially if the critical friend has personal relationships within the FM team or the company.

Solution: A good FM company should select critical friends who have a track record of objectivity and integrity. They should also establish clear guidelines and processes for conducting assessments and providing feedback. These guidelines should emphasize the importance of evidence-based analysis and avoid favouritism or bias. Regular peer reviews and external audits can also help ensure objectivity.

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4. Resource Constraints:

Challenge: Implementing changes based on feedback may require additional resources, such as funding, time, or personnel, which can be a challenge for FM companies, especially if they are operating on tight budgets.

Solution: FM companies should prioritize the allocation of resources based on the potential return on investment. They should also consider phased implementation of changes to manage resource constraints effectively. Additionally, critical friends can assist in identifying cost-effective solutions and alternative strategies that best use available resources.

5. Maintaining Trust and Confidentiality:

Challenge: Building and maintaining trust with the FM team while providing critical feedback can be challenging, as team members may worry that their vulnerabilities or mistakes will be exposed.

Solution: A good FM company should establish clear expectations regarding confidentiality and trust-building. Critical friends should maintain confidentiality when necessary and focus on providing feedback in a non-judgmental and supportive manner. Consistent, open, and honest communication can help build trust over time.

A good FM company addresses challenges

In summary, being a critical friend in Facilities Management involves overcoming challenges related to resistance to change, managing emotions, maintaining objectivity, and resource constraints, and building trust. A good FM company can address these challenges by promoting a culture of openness and adaptability, providing training and support, selecting critical friends with the right skills and attributes, establishing clear guidelines and processes, and prioritizing resource allocation strategically. With these measures in place, a critical friend can effectively contribute to the improvement of FM operations.

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