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Showroom Cleaning Services – What to Look For

It's important to keep your showroom clean so that customers feel welcome and excited to come in. A cluttered or dirty showroom can quickly turn off potential buyers, and may even cause them not to visit at all.

Showroom cleaning is vital as a good first impression is essential when trying to sell a product or service. A clean showroom will make customers feel confident in your products and services, leading them to want to buy from you.

Why should a showroom be clean?

A showroom is a place where people can see products and test them out. It’s important that the environment is clean so customers feel comfortable testing products. A showroom cleaning service will help keep the showroom clean and organized, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.

Key tasks in showroom cleaning

Key tasks when cleaning showrooms include:

  1. Disposing of rubbish and waste management
  2. Dusting and cleaning surfaces
  3. Removing debris from carpets and upholstery
  4. Vacuum cleaning showrooms
  5. Wiping down shelves and countertops
  6. Checking light fixtures and switches
  7. Checking windows and doors for obstructions
  8. Walking around the property to inspect for damage or cleanliness issues
  9. Maintaining a clean work area
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What are some tips for keeping a showroom clean?

We’ve pulled together the key tips and priorities for keeping showrooms clean.

  1. Frequent deep cleaning –A showroom cleaning service should deep clean and scrub all surfaces on a regular basis.
  2. Professional cleaning – A professional cleaner can help clean up any messes in a hurry. They will be able to remove dirt, dust, and other debris quickly so that the space looks Brand New once again!
  3. Wiping showroom furniture – Clean furniture by wiping it down with a cloth or vacuum cleaner before each customer arrives. If there are any accidents, such as food being spilt on the couch, then a vacuum cleaner may also be used in order to remove any stains.
  4. Waste Disposal – dispose of any rubbish in an appropriate container. Then seal the container and take it to the bin, empty all rubbish bins in each showroom.
  5. Dust removal – sweep or mop floors as needed, dust furniture, displays, and other areas where clutter builds before vacuuming carpets. Use a dust cloth to wipe down any dirty areas.
  6. Storage and tidying – Use designated areas for storing merchandise and set up neat shelves where possible. Store products in closed containers or behind dividers if possible to avoid spills and messes. This will help keep floors clean and free of obstructions. Keep corners and edges of shelves clear so that products can be easily seen.
  7. Cleaning showroom floors – Clean the floor regularly with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dirt, and debris. Use a mop when necessary to clean up spills or drips. Vacuum floors before mopping them to eliminate dust created by the mop.
  8. Surfaces – Keep work surfaces clean and organized.
  9. Cleaning Equipment – Clean all tools and equipment as needed. This includes specialist cleaning machines.
  10. Cleaning Supplies – Keep cleaning supplies on hand, especially when dealing with sticky surfaces or liquids that may cause damage if left unchecked. Keep cleaners and detergents nearby in case of accidental spills or wet spots. When it comes time to clean, be sure to have the appropriate supplies on hand. Use products that are safe for wood floors, curtains, upholstery etc., as well as for people and pets who may come into contact with them.
  11. Vacuum Cleaners – Make sure you have a vacuum cleaner with a dust extension tube and a microfiber cloth collection for tough cleaning jobs. Use a vacuum with high suction power to remove all debris and dirt.
  12. Hazards – Finally, keep an eye out for any warning signs that your showroom is becoming hazardous – this might include slippery floors or surfaces, strong odours, or fluids leaking from damaged areas.
  13. Cleaning solutions – Use a cleaning solution made specifically for wood floors, curtains, upholstery etc.
  14. Recording and monitoring – Keep track of work performed so you can see progress every day. This is a great way to keep track of progress on your project. You can see how much work has been done each day and how much more needs to be done.
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Showroom Cleaning Process

Make a list of what needs to be done and prioritize the tasks. Cleaning is not a one-time event, it should be regular and planned in order to avoid running out of time or becoming overwhelmed.

A typical Showroom Cleaning process will include:

1. Sweep and clean the entrance area

2. Clean check-in counter

3. Sweep and clean lobby areas

4. Clean common areas (elevators, stairs, hallways)

5. Dust all furniture surfaces

6. Dust light fixtures

7. Clean windowsills

8. Wipe down walls/cabinets

9. Spot clean

10. Remove any food or spills that may have occurred

How often should I clean my showroom?

To maintain a showroom in top condition, it is recommended to clean it every day.

Scheduling Cleaning

Make a schedule and stick to it! Cleaning should be planned around the seasonal changes, not the other way around.

1. Clean the showrooms on a regular basis during the off-season in order to keep them looking their best for when customers come in.

2. Clean during the peak season to get people in and out as quickly as possible while still getting the job done properly.

3. Schedule cleaning around other important business activities so that it doesn’t interrupt your workflow and you can maintain customer satisfaction at all times.

An effective Facilities Management company will use scheduling software within a Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system.


How can I find a professional showroom cleaning service?

There are a few ways to find a professional showroom cleaning service. You could look online or contact local businesses that offer this type of service. Alternatively, you could search for companies that specialize in showroom cleaning and inquire about their services. Or you could speak to the team at RFM Group!

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What should I do if my showroom is too large or too small to be cleaned by myself?

If your showroom is either too large or too small to be cleaned by yourself, it may be best to hire a professional cleaning service. These cleaners will have the necessary equipment and skills to clean your showroom properly.

Is it necessary to have it professionally cleaned?

A professional cleaning company can help to keep your showrooms clean and tidy, helping to improve the overall appearance of your business. They can also help to reduce the amount of work required to run a successful showroom, freeing up valuable time for you and your team. Our team of experienced cleaners have the skills and knowledge needed to tackle any kind of cleaning job, big or small. From deep cleans to quick spring changes, we are here for you!

We will be more than happy to provide a free consultation on how we can help make your business look its best.

A full glossary of cleaning terms can be found in RFM Group’s Industry Terms in Cleaning Glossary.

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