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School Cleaning: Keeping Educational Buildings Clean and Covid-Safe

The recent health crisis has increased the focus on cleanliness, for not just people but also the places they frequent. Schools, colleges and other educational establishments are high-footfall environments with lots of touchpoints and so now more than ever it’s important that cleaning routines with professional cleaning suppliers are reviewed, redefined and reinvigorated.

Whilst specific Covid-safe guidance hasn’t been provided to schools and colleges and other educational institutions, infection control measures are front of mind and enhanced cleaning measures are being adopted in buildings up and down the country. Professional cleaning providers are able to offer specialised cleaning services to ensure that children and those studying are doing so in environments that are clean, safe and conducive to learning.

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Why focus on enhanced cleaning?

A clean classroom has far-reaching effects both on the teachers and learners as well as parents and whoever may visit the school.  Using a professional partner means the right expertise, equipment and methods can be brought in to ensure the unique needs of educational settings are catered for.

A better learning environment – the most important benefit is that a clean environment positively influences the learning experience of students with studies proving that an unclean environment can have a negative effect on learning and overall performance.

Better overall wellbeing – professional cleaning ensures that potentially dangerous germs, viruses and bacteria are properly cleaned through rigorous deep cleaning, regular sanitizing and disinfection, reducing illness and sick days.

Class teacher in Clean Classroom

More productive teaching – just like any workplace, there’s an expectation that it will be clean and safe.  Investing in this ensures that teachers are motivated to focus on inspiring and developing their students, rather than being hindered by substandard surroundings.

Get more from equipment – professional cleaning contractors will not only clean the classrooms; they’ll clean the equipment in the classroom as well.  This ensures that the equipment remains in optimum condition, free from dust and dirt.  It’s also key when messy play or arts and crafts are involved so that residual crafting material is cleaned away to ensure environments are ready for the next session.

Clean college reception

Improved safety reputation – for visitors to an educational setting, whether parents or other visitors, a professionally cleaned environment is expected, giving an assurance that the health and safety of its students and staff is paramount.

Developing good habits – children model what they see around them and so underpinning their experience with the importance of cleanliness, looking after things and respecting their environment is key to establishing good habits.

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Cleaning schools – A flexible partner

A professional cleaning company can ensure that the right cadence of cleaning is implemented, with daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedules adhered to. In addition, they can offer a raft of more specialised services, such as deep cleaning, whilst respecting the windows outside of term-time that are most suited to undertaking this more intensive work.

Key to any successful partnership is a flexible approach that ensures the needs of the school or other educational setting are prioritised to enable improved learning outcomes for students. Utilising this expertise means educational providers can concentrate on running a successful school with the peace of mind that their setting is in the safe hands of expert professionals.

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Case Study: Park Primary Pupil Referral Unit


Park Primary PRU is a 50 placed KS1- KS3 Pupil Referral Unit.  To ensure a safe and clean environment RFM Group were selected to provide a full cleaning service for the primary school.

RFM assembled a team comprising of five experts at head office to analyse Park Primary PRU’s needs and devise an effective cleaning schedule based on best practice. Implementing RFM Group’s full cleaning service at this school has saved the Park Primary PRU money and ensured a clean safe environment for their pupils to thrive in. Read the full Park Primary Pupil Referral Unit Case Study.


Step by Step Guide to Switching Facilities Providers

We speak to businesses every day who feel they ‘don’t want the hassle’ of switching suppliers or are unsure about the terms of their current contract. That’s why we’ve created a Step by Step Guide to Switching Facilities Providers. See our three simple steps to switching your supplier and how easy it can be to make a significant positive impact on your business.

The RFM Cleaning Promise

Our flexible cleaning solutions let you cherry-pick the specialist service you need, or choose an integrated package carefully shaped around your people, buildings and everyday operations.

Our cleaners aren’t contractors; they’ve been carefully selected and trained by our people and they actually work directly for RFM. It means we can guarantee brilliant quality cleaning as well as providing staff wherever and whenever you need us.

School Cleaning Features

  • Face-to-face management with a personal point of contact.
  • On-site supervision and service management.
  • Professional cleaning equipment
  • Tailored service to satisfy all your requirements.
  • All education cleaning staff are fully DBS checked.
  • It’s easy to identify members of our cleaning team as they all wear a uniform and always carry security ID cards.
  • We treat the school like the property was our own.
  • RFM Group are fully accredited, holding Quality Management ISO 9001 Environmental Quality Systems ISO 14001.
  • Fully insured (£5m Public Liability and £10m Employer Liability Insurance).


Education Cleaning Health and Safety

A clean, safe and hygienic learning environment isn’t just a basic right; it’s essential for productivity and student development.

From Health & Safety to Quality and the Environment; we maintain every accreditation you would expect from a business dedicated to doing things right. It’s just one of the reasons why leading names trust us.

  • RFM Group are OHSAS 45001 Health & Safety Management certified.
  • Our cleaning team are not just great cleaners they are also fully trained in Health & Safety and Customer Care
  • All cleaning products/agents and equipment are safely locked up when not in use by our expert cleaning operatives.

Sustainable and Safe, Responsible Behaviours

RFM’s environmentally friendly cleaning is certified by our ISO 14001 accreditation.

Our aim is to ensure the absolute safety of staff, students and members of the public – everybody associated with RFM Group activities, including the people and environments within the communities in which we operate. Effective communication of our expectations and standards is essential to ensure that the behaviour of all persons working on RFM Group projects meet the standards expected by our management, employees and stakeholders.

It’s about ensuring our future through responsible behaviours and doing the right thing, such as creating an engaged workplace that attracts and retains talent, looking after the environment in all that we do and managing our cash and capital to ensure financial performance. We are wholly committed to continuous improvement in all that we do and being safe is one of our five core values. We will be uncompromising in ensuring we create a safe and sustainable environment.

RFM Group ISO9001 RFM Group ISO14001 School Cleaning

Our School, College and University Cleaning Services include:

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FAQ- School Cleaning and Keeping Educational Buildings Clean

Q: What is school cleaning and why is it important?

A: School cleaning refers to the process of maintaining a clean and safe environment in educational buildings, including classrooms, hallways, and restrooms. It is important for the health and well-being of students, teachers, and staff, and can also contribute to a more productive and comfortable learning environment.

Q: What are some common cleaning tasks that need to be performed in schools?

A: Common cleaning tasks in schools include sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, emptying trash cans, restocking supplies, cleaning restrooms, and maintaining outdoor areas.

Q: How often should schools be cleaned?

A: Schools should be cleaned daily, with more frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, and desks. Deep cleaning should be performed periodically, such as during school breaks or at the end of the school year.

Q: What cleaning products should be used in schools?

A: Cleaning products used in schools should be safe and effective for the intended purpose, and should comply with relevant regulations and guidelines. Products should be labeled with clear instructions for use and safety precautions, and should be stored securely and out of reach of children.

Q: Who is responsible for school cleaning?

A: The responsibility for school cleaning may vary depending on the local authority, academy group or individual school. It may be performed by custodial staff, contracted cleaning services, or a combination of both.

Q: How can schools ensure that cleaning is effective and efficient?

A: Schools can ensure effective and efficient cleaning by establishing clear cleaning protocols and schedules, providing adequate training and resources for cleaning staff, using appropriate cleaning products and equipment, and conducting regular inspections and audits to monitor cleaning quality and identify areas for improvement.

Q: How can schools involve students and staff in maintaining a clean and healthy environment?

A: Schools can involve students and staff in maintaining a clean and healthy environment by providing education and training on hygiene and cleaning practices, encouraging personal responsibility for keeping spaces clean and tidy and providing opportunities for students and staff to participate in cleaning and maintenance activities.

A full glossary of cleaning terms can be found in RFM Group’s Industry Terms in Cleaning Glossary.


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